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can i give a 7mth old things like fishfingers chicken nuggets and stuff like that help

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babyjjbaby Sat 05-Jan-08 17:44:55

either blended or cut into small chunks i give him sausages and he likes them but need more stuff as we can't afford to eat meat all the time i give him chipsif we have them as long as they ain't too crispy and he loves them i'm not talking about giving him it all the time but once or twice a week probably

NAB3wishesfor2008 Sat 05-Jan-08 17:52:42

I wouldn't give a child that young anything that was processed to be honest.

Making home made fish fingers and chicken nuggets doesn't take that long and they aren't full of preservatives.9

Watch out for the meat and salt content in sausages too.

QuintessentialShadow Sat 05-Jan-08 17:58:53

Chips for a 7 month old??
Once or twice a week? Not that often??? hmm

littlerach Sat 05-Jan-08 18:01:22

I wouldn't, as they are often full of rubbish.

You could give chicken, or fish, with mashed potato?

SoupDragon Sat 05-Jan-08 18:01:35

I'd forget the nuggets. Quality fishfingers are fine - birds eye cod fillet ones don't have cr*p in them.

SoupDragon Sat 05-Jan-08 18:01:58

Just give him what you're eating though.

needmorecoffee Sat 05-Jan-08 18:02:23

I'd avoid processesd crap like that to be honest. Home made chips fine but oven chips too salty for a child. There's lots of food for babies that isn't meat. Pasta with sauce and a bit of cheese, mashed potato and baked beans, parsnip chips or sweet potato chips, toast and marmite.
Depends on what he can manage but I'd really avoid processed food for as long as possible. Its too salty and not nutritious.

Lomond Sat 05-Jan-08 18:02:37

I wouldn't hmm He doesn't need meat all the time either. Give him plenty of frit, veg, cheese and yoghurts.

Lomond Sat 05-Jan-08 18:03:22

Sorry fruit blush

ScoobyDoo Sat 05-Jan-08 18:03:25

I would just do simple things like vegtables, mash potatoe, fish i would not use processed food.

Indith Sat 05-Jan-08 18:03:46

Fish fingers are so expensive though, esp to get ones with not too much salt in. However, those bags of frozen white fish fillets are dirt cheap (yes yes I kow there is a horrible overfishing reason for that but needs must and all). Try making your own fingers out of that or using them for an easy fish pie.

keeptakingthetablets Sat 05-Jan-08 18:04:13

Oh, give him a Pot Noodle, you know you want to grin

colditz Sat 05-Jan-08 18:04:21

Buy a chicken and roast it, there is enough chicken on that bird for a lot of meals and works out cheaper than sausages which are dangerously salty for a baby.

Chips, home made in oil, from potatoes, are NOT unhealthy for a baby, and more than mashed potato is. Oven chips though, which may be coated with things, are not such a good choice.

Carrots, potatoes and mince are cheap meals, cheaper than soss and chips.

MrsBadger Sat 05-Jan-08 18:09:12

if you can't afford to eat meat all the time give him veg, or lentils, or cheese, or eggs - all are better than cheap processed meat products

and surely chips are way more expensive than potatoes boiled / mashed / roasted / baked? hmm

Lomond Sat 05-Jan-08 18:16:38

I buy a lot of my fruit and veg from Aldi do you have one near you? (or Lidl)

They always have offers on fruit and veg. Bags of carrots for 29p, large bag of potatoes about 50p.
12 large eggs for £1.00

Nooname Sat 05-Jan-08 18:18:23

Re fish fingers/chicken nuggest etc, the main thing is that you need to be careful that he isn't getting too much salt as his system can't handle it and too much salt can poison a baby.

Processed food like this can have a lot of salt in it so check the labels to make sure what you are giving him doesn't (nb sausages probably do have quite a lot).

The other thing is that they MAY have additives/preservatives (E numbers) in them (actually lots of food aimed at kids now don't as there is so much publicity about the effects they can have) and it is up to you as to whether you think you want to give him food with those in them.

ScottishMummy Sat 05-Jan-08 18:27:32

i wouldnt give chickenn nuggets etc to 7mth. full of salt and over processed, cant you make your own burgers (mince bound with an egg make minii burgers, no salt etc)

make your own food - cheper and you know whats in it too

eventually they will succumb to marketing an d peer pressure and demand it. hey but not at 7months so why introduce it before they have an awareness of processed food. the ground work you do now will shape dietary preferences. so go go veggies, meat, fish all the way

fizzbuzz Sat 05-Jan-08 19:18:27

I thought babies were meant to have any processed food until one year old. Am sure that is what HV told me

ScottishMummy Sat 05-Jan-08 19:23:37

babies can not metabolise too much salt- harmful. all the specific baby brands are ok and salt free eg Heinz, boots, hipp

notjustmom Sat 05-Jan-08 19:26:21

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

babyjjbaby Sat 05-Jan-08 22:37:52

thanks everyone i think i sort of made ou the eats junk all the time but he doesn't the sausages we will probably stick to there cheap asda smartprise and the whole family enjoy them he only has one and i don't tend to give him the end bits and when i do chips sometimes they are homemade but mostly asda smartprise again he only has 4 or 5 of them yesterday for breakfast he had scrambled egg for lunch home made bread with fruit in it we bought a breadmake r and it works out alot cheaper than shop brought for dinner he had cottage pie today he had weetabix and bottle for breakfast no lunch just milk and potatoes carots and 1 sausage for dinner bottle for bed the thing is that i have £90 a week for food and that feeds me the baby me ma me dad 2 dogs a rabbit a guinea pig a hampster a bird and two fishtanks and all the stuff like hay sawdust cat litter and stuff so i am sure u'll understandthat it is hard and works out cheaper than buying meat but if u have gotany easy recipes which are cheap then i'd be grateful i did do him and me some pasta with ajar of bolanse sauce with cheese last week it was yummy and cheap but i dobn't have any ideas

Whizzz Sat 05-Jan-08 22:44:32

<just walk away>

mairseydotes Sat 05-Jan-08 22:48:04

eat the pets? wink

Whizzz Sat 05-Jan-08 22:49:16

I did consider looking online for guinea pig stew......that's why I had to walk away. That and the lack of punctuation......

<damn I have said it now>

yelnats Sat 05-Jan-08 22:52:18

sorry but i would get rid of the pets and that way you could afford to feed you and your child properly.

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