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Can I cook a joint of pork from frozen?

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DavidTennantsMistress Sat 05-Jan-08 11:58:32

or will I give us all food posioning? will go in the oven at 1pm and be in there till 5pm on prob GM 4 or 5.

WendyWeber Sat 05-Jan-08 11:59:48

Have you got a microwave? You'd be better defrosting it in there first - I think if you cook from frozen the outside gets charred before the middle has melted!

FlorenceFarkingNightingale Sat 05-Jan-08 12:00:25

I certainly wouldn't, but will await correction if someone knows differently.

DavidTennantsMistress Sat 05-Jan-08 12:00:49

yep will do that then - it's 1.5KG but boneless will it take long to microwave?

littleboo Sat 05-Jan-08 12:01:22

I dont think you can, but stand corrected if its possible

WendyWeber Sat 05-Jan-08 12:03:11

Assuming it has a defrost setting - which normally cycles on and off - I think I'd do it in 20 minute bursts.

(Mine has actual settings for bread/chops/joints so I use that so I don't know how long normally)

You might find the outside still starts cooking a bit but it doesn't matter.

WendyWeber Sat 05-Jan-08 12:04:46

Oh, and put it in something like a casserole with a lid, so any juice that comes off is contained smile

DavidTennantsMistress Sat 05-Jan-08 12:27:19

thanks WW - i'll do it that way around then - i'm not the best at cooking pork joints when they're fresh! lol.

08aGreatYearForCarmenere Sat 05-Jan-08 12:37:44

No you MUST defrost it thoroughly before you cook it. Microwave should be fine but I would leave it in it's plastic wrap and run cold water over it for an hour or so as this really works to defrost things. But it must be in plastic and it must be cold running water.
I would move the serving time to accommodate the pork tbh as it is not worth risking.

DavidTennantsMistress Sat 05-Jan-08 12:41:04

microwave it in the plastic? will that be ok?

Cloudhopper Sat 05-Jan-08 12:42:04

I once cooked a chicken from frozen by putting it in a sealed casserole with some extra water for a couple of hours. (what a domestic goddess eh?)

I think the important bit is just to check it is totally cooked once done - the juices will run clear.

The microwave option sounds good. I was too lazy to do anything fancy.

Cloudhopper Sat 05-Jan-08 12:45:09

by the way, it was surprisingly successful and had an unusual melt in the mouth texture. although not crispy obviously, if you were thinking about crackling..

mind you, isn't the best way to do crackling is to boil/roast it then grill or fry it afterwards?

UniversallyChallenged Sat 05-Jan-08 12:48:10

I cook from frozen a lot. low heat to defrost for an hour then normal temp for 3 hours or so

DavidTennantsMistress Sat 05-Jan-08 14:06:11

ok, forgot I have beef defrosed already form yesterday in the fridge so will use that today and then have the pork on monday (will be OK in the fridge defosting till then won't it?)

MonkeyGod Fri 16-Nov-12 12:21:02

What is the scientific reason for defrosting frozen pork before cooking it, to avoid food poisoning? I am a doctor and I cannot find any good reason.

PandaNot Fri 16-Nov-12 12:24:28

It will be fine from frozen so long as it is cooked properly, to a hig enough temp and for long enough. Although I don't buy them I know that the freezers at supermarkets are filled with joints of meat that you cook from frozen.

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