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coconut milk

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TracyK Fri 19-Nov-04 20:29:30

is this ok to use in cooking for 8 mo? and if yes - any recipes??

moondog Fri 19-Nov-04 21:16:57

I use tons of coconut milk (partly because I grew up in a country where was surrounded by them.)
A nice one for a baby would be curried dahl.
Fry an onion, add spices and garlic (others may not think this such a good idea but my dd was eating roughly what we did at this stage) then add red lentils. Stir a bit, then add tin of coconut milk and tin of tomatoes. Simmer gently for about 30 mins. adding more liquid if needed (which it will-lentils absorb a phenomenal amount.)

My ds would still happily eat this every day (me too, with addition of chillies, fresh coriander, rice and a cold beer!)

moondog Fri 19-Nov-04 21:18:25

Also similar but with sweet potato and/or squash is quite delicious. Any veggies really but above most appropriate for a young baby.

TracyK Fri 19-Nov-04 21:20:35

what spices would you use?
ds is partial to tasty foods too - although maybe not too spicy - wouldn't look forward to those nappies!

moondog Sat 20-Nov-04 09:00:25

Probably some cumin, bit of cinammon and some turmeric. Also probably add some garlic.
Bit later on a good curry powder would do it.
My kids happily eat everything we do, and we have taken them to 'exotic' countries at a very early age and never worried about them eating. (They are just as greedy as us!)
Really think that breastfeeding has a lot to do with it. They are used to the tastes through the milk. For example, I love lemons and my 4 yr old ds happily sucks on them!

maomao Sat 20-Nov-04 09:09:59

mmmm..... moondog, can I come eat at your house??? Do you have a brand of curry powder that you would recommend, or do you make your own?

TracyK, you could also add a little bit of coriander. My dd loves red lentil curry, and any other curry, actually. Red lentils are great because they cook so quickly!

moondog Sat 20-Nov-04 15:18:29

Welcome any time Maomao (would enjoy the company as am in remote part of Middle East!)
I don't make my own curry powder (although I'd like to have a go-time,time,time!). I think the best ready made ones are oil based rather than powder based (latter often like dust!).
I think Patak's are pretty good and easily available in UK at least.
Ditto Sharwoods.
Just make sure it is a paste and not a revolting cook in sauce full of thickeners and additives and God knows what else!

MarsLady Sat 20-Nov-04 15:21:29

have absolutely no problem with garlic or spice in baby food. weaned the first 3 on them, weaning dts on them too. Thanks for the recipe with coconut milk moondog. Think I'll whip that up for the dts supper tonight.

Lowryn Wed 12-Jan-05 17:50:27

Ooh, I just saw this recipe when I was searching for red lentil recipes. I have never cooked red lentils before, how much should I use?

alux Wed 12-Jan-05 18:30:00

IF you are steaming rice, replace some of the water with coconut milk. V. Popular in the Caribbean. Ditto if making rice pudding.

Will have to try that lentil recipe. I did not grow up with lentils but after seeing that recipe, I am ready to try.

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