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Rescuing custard that has split? What to do???

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moondog Wed 26-Dec-07 12:02:59

I can't remember.

Add another egg yolk?

Blast in a blender?


coldtits Wed 26-Dec-07 12:03:57

wallop it in a blender?

moondog Wed 26-Dec-07 12:06:00

Ah yes,but will I fuck it up further?
I need someone who can give me 100% assurance on this.
Are you that woman Coldtits? grin

coldtits Wed 26-Dec-07 12:08:54

No. I make my custard with CHEAP CUSTARD POWDER. Then I put cream and brandy in it.

moondog Wed 26-Dec-07 12:10:09

<keels clean over at mention of ... custard powder>

(Althoguh I know that secretly that is what dh wants, as his mum did it.)

coldtits Wed 26-Dec-07 12:13:58

Cheap custard powder. Not Birds.

Give your husband what he wants. Get the instant stuff. Get yer kettle on for the lads!

moondog Wed 26-Dec-07 12:15:33

I will pass on the message. grin

I did make hiom a vile white sauce (vom) yesterday as an act of love.

ISawSantaKissingKerrysNorks Wed 26-Dec-07 12:16:30

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

NineUnlovelyTinselDecorations Wed 26-Dec-07 12:17:19

I have just made my custard and it didn't split <preen> (but it usually does, hence I know what to do).

Turn the custard into a fresh bowl and put the bowl in the sink filled with icecubes and cold water (sink, not bowl - oh you know what I mean). Then whisk with a balloon whisk and Delia promises all will be well. If not then a spoonful of cornflour added to some cream whisked in whilst re warming very gently.

My success rate with these methods is about 50:50.

NineUnlovelyTinselDecorations Wed 26-Dec-07 12:18:40

And I secretly prefer Birds.

NineUnlovelyTinselDecorations Wed 26-Dec-07 12:19:09

Oh blimeyI mean the custard, not that I am really a lesbian.

coldtits Wed 26-Dec-07 12:19:29

Was it Colmans?

I love Colmans Pisseasy Sachets. My whole family have been raised on them.

But nobody every believes me that it is just as easy to make your own.

moondog Wed 26-Dec-07 22:12:24

I rescued it with a blitz in the blender and my trifle was out of this world.
God,think I will have to raid the fridge for a piggy midnight attck on it.

lyra41 Wed 26-Dec-07 22:15:01

moondog, are you really nigella wink

moondog Wed 26-Dec-07 22:17:13

Inclines head modestly over a civilised glass of Louis Roederer.

soapbox Wed 26-Dec-07 22:18:58

I think the regular solution is to add a tablespoon of ice-cold water then beat like crazygrin

I will now add blitzing it to death to the list of solutions

lyra41 Wed 26-Dec-07 22:28:35

it was the "raid the fridge for a piggy midnight attck" bit that gave it away moondog.

Pinkymagee Sat 12-Jul-14 12:02:22

The cold water / ice cubes worked a treat, thank you :-)

TracyWoodhall Sat 21-Nov-15 08:52:57

I always place the curdled custard in a sink full of ice & water & stir & most times it recovers. Today it didn't! However I whisked another egg yolk in & instant success!

WildIrishRose1 Sat 24-Dec-16 12:28:07

Just found this, having curdled my custard and the ice cubes method worked! Christmas is saved!

JPJ9 Tue 30-May-17 19:57:10

NineUnlovelyTinselDecorations you are a genius, this method worked just as my husband was getting his boots on to go buy some custard smile

Lolly59 Sun 01-Oct-17 11:59:14

Used a stick blender. Perfect!

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