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Homemade pizza

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fruitful Sat 13-Nov-04 17:24:04

I've just thought about how much we spend on pizza and decided to try making my own... I have a bread machine which has a "pizza dough" program.

Sooo - how do I make pizza from scratch?

And when I've made it, can I freeze it? Do I part-bake it first? How long do I cook it for from frozen?

Thankyou, oh knowledgeable ones

Freckle Sat 13-Nov-04 17:26:47

I make pizza dough in my breadmaker. Take dough out of machine, knock it back. Spread with passata (or I used to fling a tin of chopped tomatoes in a pan, boil up and sieve - the boiling gets rid of some of the liquid and makes the tomatoes much thicker). Cover with grated cheese and add whatever toppings you like. I've never frozen mine as they get eaten too quickly, but I can't see why you couldn't.

Lonelymum Sat 13-Nov-04 17:34:21

I was taught a scone base pizza at school that is quite nice - not all chewy for little mouths like the bread bases. Interested?

spook Sat 13-Nov-04 17:39:47

Oooh.Fruitful.I've got a lush one. I always used a packet pizza base mix (oh the shame) but ad some chopped rosemary to the mix. On the top you put whole garlic cloves coated in bit of olive oil so they don't burn,chopped fresh tomatoes soaked in salt and then rinsed to get moisture out,chopped feta chees (yum) and lots of fresh basil. Bung it in.The feta should go nicely brown. It's yum yum tasty!!

Freckle Sat 13-Nov-04 17:45:03

An alternative to a tomato base is a mixture of mayonnaise and ranch dressing. Very yummy and undoubtedly extremely fattening - don't go for low-fat stuff as it just doesn't do it as well. Then you stick your toppings on.

spook Sat 13-Nov-04 17:48:34

Omigod Freckle. That sounds FOUL But then again I haven't had a balanced meal for nearly a year.

Freckle Sat 13-Nov-04 17:56:03

Well, I thought it would be too, but people were raving about it last night (at a Pampered Chef party). Being on a diet, I abstained (virtuous grin).

throckenholt Sat 13-Nov-04 18:04:30

I find we have to part cook the base first before putting the toppigs on otherwise it goes really soggy.

Much better than shop bought and much less salty.

treacletart Sat 13-Nov-04 18:27:39

I use pitta bread (wholemeal or white)- makes a fantastic and really quick pizza base

Tommy Sat 13-Nov-04 18:27:48

If you make the bases thin (I use the recipe for single crust from my breadmaker book and it makes 2 big pizzas)you don't need to part bake the base. I sometimes make one big one for DH and I and a few small ones for DSs which i freeze after cooking.
A really nice topping is pesto spread over base and thinly sliced tomatoes with mozarella - we're having it tonight in fact! I also do one with a sicey pasta sauce from a jar (about 2 tblsps, raw sliced onion and fried mushrooms and peppers). Put a bit of parmesan on top as well as mozarella. Also have a really yummy 5 cheese and rocket one whi I made up after eating one at ASK whi is gorgeous but too calorific for this weight watchers lady.
Happy pizza making

donnie Sat 13-Nov-04 18:32:03

we used to make pizzas quite often and sometimes used pesto as the base rather thatn tomato - yummy!!!!

fruitful Sat 13-Nov-04 19:06:44

Ooh, lots of nice ideas! When I was a student our local takeaway used to do tuna and banana pizzas which were lovely but I don't think dh would go for it.

But - can I have a basic recipe please? Preferably idiotproof and assuming no knowledge of anything! Normally my cooking consists of "remove from freezer; place in microwave".

And if freezing - how long do I cook it, before and after?


Tommy Sat 13-Nov-04 19:26:33

Fruitful - have you checked the recipe book that came with your bread machine? That might have one. If not, mine is:
170ml warm water
2 tbsp olive oil
325g plain flour
1/2 tsp sugar
1/2 tsp salt
2 tsp yeast

Put in machine, in that order, making a well in the centre of the flour for the yeast and press start on the dough setting. Mine takes 1 1/2 hours to do.
Take it out when finished, roll out dough (this makes 2 12" pizzas( and put into baking tray). Put topping on and cook in hot over 220 deg for about 20 mins or so.
I put mine in freezer after cooking, let them defrost and just heat through. They won't be as nice as fresh but I'm afraid I don't know how to freeze them like they do for supermarket ones.
Good luck and have fun

fruitful Sat 13-Nov-04 19:44:09

Oh great. My bread machine recipe book has this really complicated method involving oiled clingfilm...

SherbrookeFosterer Sun 09-Apr-17 17:52:40

Don't forget to crack an egg on top.. lush!

Sonofagun Sun 09-Apr-17 17:57:30

You can freeze pizza dough. We do it all the time. Freeze the lump of dough and when ready to use it, Defrost it and roll out as normal. We use a Jamie Oliver recipe for our dough which includes semolina which makes the base lovely and crisp. We use passat for our tomato base, mozzarella and then our favourite toppings. Yum

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