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Minced beef recipe ideas - not shepherd's pie, not lasagne, not bolognese, not meatballs or burgers!!

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Kbear Tue 20-Nov-07 13:27:22

Come on, let's have yer bright ideas...

sleepycat Tue 20-Nov-07 13:29:20

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

bozza Tue 20-Nov-07 13:29:56


mishymoo Tue 20-Nov-07 13:30:12

chilli con carne - or is that also a no?

dyzzidi Tue 20-Nov-07 13:30:35

Hot pot?

strawberry Tue 20-Nov-07 13:30:45


inamuckingfuddle Tue 20-Nov-07 13:31:04

pie? as in cottage pie but with pastry on top? personally I prefer it with potato on top - otherwise you have to do potato as well!

joyfulspike Tue 20-Nov-07 13:31:07

Chilli con carne, tacos, burritos, m/b onion pie

Carmenere Tue 20-Nov-07 13:31:37

Fried with ginger, garlic, chilli and five spice and served inside pieces of rolled up ice berg lettuce.

NutterlybloodandgUts Tue 20-Nov-07 13:31:44


Carmenere Tue 20-Nov-07 13:32:17

Spiced and in samosas with potatoes and peas.

Chopster Tue 20-Nov-07 13:32:31

chiili con carne, keema mince (supposed to be lamb but would work), mince beef and onion pies,

Kewcumber Tue 20-Nov-07 13:32:37

stuffed peppers

mishymoo Tue 20-Nov-07 13:32:40

try this site It looks American but you could adapt recipes I suppose

Chopster Tue 20-Nov-07 13:33:49


Isawbumperkissingsantaclaus Tue 20-Nov-07 13:47:36


blueshoes Tue 20-Nov-07 13:59:05

Used as filling for gyoza - a sort of Japanese dumpling. You can buy the skins from Chinese supermarkets. Mixed with spring onions, soy sauce. Vinegar/ginger sliver dip.

You can deep fry the gyoza or boil them.

Chopster Tue 20-Nov-07 14:02:20

mince beef suet puddings - now those I do miss!

Kbear Tue 20-Nov-07 14:04:14

thanks all, I am thinking enchiladas (cos someone mentioned tacos), I have wraps. I think I will invent as I go, usually works. I was just looking at the contents of the freezer (very few contents!!) and was at loss for inspiration.

Kbear Tue 20-Nov-07 14:04:52

chopster - oooh yeah, that's the sort of thing my mum used to make. I'm going to put in an order!

Isawbumperkissingsantaclaus Tue 20-Nov-07 14:10:50

mishymoo what a great site!

Bundle Tue 20-Nov-07 14:16:35

what about MI's kheema?

Buy really good quality mince. Start with a piece of cinnamon and a few cloves in hot oil. Put in a large onion, sliced fine, and let it colour. Then add turmeric, chilli, coriander and cummin powders. Let this cook a minute or so before adding ginger-garlic paste. Give that a minute or so, until the masala is fried and the oil separates. Add the mince and toss well to brown in the spices. Turn down the fire, add tomatos and a good handful of chopped coriander and mint. (mint is really nice with mince). Put into an oven (mark 4) and leave until well cooked and tender - abt an hr.

Kbear Tue 20-Nov-07 14:18:27

Anyone ever made meatloaf? Not sure I could eat a slice or chunk of meat like that but not sure why? Am carnivore! Maybe I'll make a small one!

MerryAnnSinglemas Tue 20-Nov-07 14:26:28

there is a soup recipe using beef mince that dh makes an it'\s totally yummy - do you want recipe ? it's Argentinian

Kbear Tue 20-Nov-07 14:39:13

yes please!

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