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Bubble77bee Thu 10-Jun-21 07:54:09

I’m taking dinner round to a friend’s house tomorrow to share with her family. Am really in need of ideas on what to make - it needs to be suitable for toddlers too (who are not fussy), can be pre cooked and transported ready to eat (only about 10 mins away), and can’t contain courgettes, aubergines, butternut squash or cauliflower. Ideally one main dish and a salad or veg. My mind has gone blank, so would really appreciate some ideas please. What would you make?

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TheFlis12345 Thu 10-Jun-21 08:05:36

Lasagne with green salad and garlic bread? Or a mild chilli with tortilla chips, sour cream and rice?

prettyvisitor Thu 10-Jun-21 08:06:04

I'd take a lasagne myself!

dancemom Thu 10-Jun-21 09:20:25

Huge bowl of tuna pasta salad with lots of veg in it. Easy to share, doesn't need rehearing, kid friendly

Bubble77bee Thu 10-Jun-21 10:43:23

Thank you for the ideas. Yes, lasagne a good choice. Forgot to say that tuna was off the menu unfortunately.

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fruitbrewhaha Thu 10-Jun-21 10:46:47

Lasagne does travel well. Or a pasta bake of some description can be quicker if you don't have the time.

SpaceOp Thu 10-Jun-21 15:18:43

I'd do a roast chicken with some salad and new potatoes. If you're able to cook immediately prior to going over, the potatoes and chicken will stay warm and it's a nice thing to have in this weather - still a "hot meal" without feeling too heavy.


Sh05 Thu 10-Jun-21 15:45:16

I'd do a pasta salad and oven roasted drumsticks with chips and boiled veg.
Child friendly but also fun for the adults

coodawoodashooda Fri 11-Jun-21 19:08:14

I'd do pulled pork.

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