Ideas for low FODMAP vegetarian food?

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DanielODonkey Sun 02-May-21 16:48:14

I am looking for ideas for vegetarian main meals as my 10yr old has announced that she wants to be part time vegetarian (still wants a MacDonalds on a Friday). As we all eat together, I'm looking for family meals that we can try. But there are limitations.

1. Nothing "spicy". Which frustrates me as the kids both happily eat curries when we are out but refuse anything spicier than a Korma at home.
2. Low FODMAP. For ease: I cannot eat garlic, onion, mushrooms or broccoli. There are other limitations but I can generally work around them. But I cannot eat garlic/onion including as powders or pastes. Mushroom same. I'm also not able to eat chicken quorn.

I'm not allergic but have an intolerance which results in horribly painful trapped wind and bloating. It's not fun.

Eggs are a no no for DH, but the rest of us can eat them.

We will be including fish. I haven't really cooked fish before. But want to.

I've got a list of recipes to try but would love recommendations from anyone.

Thank you!

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Georgyporky Sun 02-May-21 19:13:46

There is no such thing as a "part time vegetarian".
Avoiding meat 6 days per week is another matter, but she won't be able to have fish either.

FlattestWhite Sun 02-May-21 19:18:54

I've enjoyed a couple of dishes by Rukmini Iyer, on the bbc food site, particularly the one with roast aubergines with mozzarella, chick peas and green beans. It's meant to be done with chillies, but you could leave them out or make them mild as you like. There's also a nice gratin with leek, fennel, butternut squash, with a tarragon, hazelnut and cheese topping (not sure if those sorts of vegetables are allowed with FODMAP). I am thinking of buying her Roasting Tin cookbook(s), and might get the 'Green' one (veggie) to start with - there are lots of veggie and vegan meals in them.

DanielODonkey Sun 02-May-21 19:43:14


There is no such thing as a "part time vegetarian".
Avoiding meat 6 days per week is another matter, but she won't be able to have fish either.

Thanks so much - I shall inform my 10 yr old that a pedant on the internet wants her to be corrected. hmm

She wants to eat less red meat and chicken. And will eat fish. I've asked for some meal recommendations not comments on her terminology.

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DanielODonkey Sun 02-May-21 19:45:29

@FlattestWhite that's great, thank you. The gratin sounds great. I can't eat leeks but may be able to sub with green bits of spring onion (had some tonight so will find out tomorrow if those bits affect me).

I will check out Rukmini Iyer, I've also heard good things about that recipe book.

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Fivemoreminutes1 Mon 03-May-21 07:52:45

Pasta with Free From pesto, mozzarella pearls and cherry tomatoes.
You could also use the pesto in this traybake recipe
Halloumi burgers
Tuna burgers
Fish cakes

hamstersarse Mon 03-May-21 08:08:54

It’s not healthy for a 10 year old to be vegetarian.

But I guess health isn’t the point here given that a weekly McDonalds is part of the plan 🤷‍♀️

FedNlanders Mon 03-May-21 08:11:04

It can be healthy, but eating fish isn't vegetarian

hamstersarse Mon 03-May-21 08:14:32

It’s not healthy. Can cause lasting damage to growing bodies.

DanielODonkey Mon 03-May-21 09:38:17

@Fivemoreminutes1 thank you for the suggestions.

To the others, I'll ignore your concerns thank you very much. She wants to eat more vegetables, fruit and non meat protein. She is active and happy. The weekly McDs is not a concern of mine nor yours and to be honest, after her Tae Kwon-Do, swimming, football, cross country running and football matches, I think she can eat a burger and chips once a week.

She knows that eating fish isn't vegetarian.

I know that eating fish isn't vegetarian.

Did you miss the part where I asked for recipe recommendations due to my own dietary restrictions? I really wasn't asking for comments on the terminology used by a child or for judgement on her eating a burger.

But enjoy your high horse, may it gallop off to other places where other people don't need your uneccessary and pointless judgements.

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feelingsadtoday2021 Tue 04-May-21 23:47:30

Fish tacos are fun ... everyone can add their own parts ?

Summer rolls

Shepard's pie using lentils

Baked salmon

Stir fries

onitlikeacarbonnet Wed 05-May-21 00:39:56

I’m not confident cooking fish, but my dp likes it and I’m trying to be healthier.
One of the nicest, easiest things was salmon in a paper parcel.
Cooked packet cous cous, salmon fillet, slices of lemon, seasoning wrapped up in a paper parcel and baked for 12/15 minutes in a 180° oven. Serve with veggies.
I think originally the recipe was on bbc good food but it’s easy to tweak to what you like/have.

Fenlandmum Wed 05-May-21 19:32:19

My dd (17)is pescatarian and also on the low fodmap diet, although she does now have small amounts of high fodmap foods as we've been advised that she shouldn't be on the low fodmap diet long term. She loves this recipe (which I sometimes do with salmon instead) -

She also likes :
Prawn, sweetcorn (fodmap friendly serving) and carrot fritters - no recipe, I just blend prawns, egg, cornflour, carrot sweetcorn, spring onions and fresh coriander and then fry as fritters.
Seabass with sweet potato chips (coated in polenta and cajun spices).
Omelettes/scrambled eggs, often with quinoa or millet (although dd is not keen on quinoa!)
Asian salmon soup (salmon cooked with ginger, garlic oil, soya sauce, coriander, spring onions, buckwheat or rice noodles and frozen vege).
Lebanese Lentil stew (no more than 2 tablespoons of tinned lentils for dd) cooked with roasted aubergines, courgettes, peppers, spring onions, spices, feta and tomatoes.
Prawn Pad Thai - we fry the garlic first and then remove it - and it still tastes quite authentic.

Good luck, I hope you find some recipes which you all enjoy!

DanielODonkey Thu 06-May-21 11:32:22

Wow, thanks @Fenlandmum! I will add those to the list.

And thanks to @onitlikeacarbonnet too.

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