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hob to oven dish recommendations for tarte tatin etc

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sledgeski Thu 11-Feb-21 14:05:51

Please can anyone recommend a hob to oven dish suitable for making dishes like tarte tatin on a gas hob. Thankyou

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Raera Thu 11-Feb-21 18:06:04

Tefal ingenio?

sledgeski Thu 11-Feb-21 23:41:48

Thank you that was the only one I had found that I was considering but I think I have to buy 2 and they are not that cheap and some concerning reviews re the handles so I wasnt sure but I will get them if I dont get any other suggestions.

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FraughtwithGin Fri 12-Feb-21 06:30:11

Loads on Amazon

FraughtwithGin Fri 12-Feb-21 06:38:48

I like Staub, so would have one of these, but probably not black.

Ostryga Fri 12-Feb-21 06:42:07

Get a cast iron pan. Once they’re properly seasoned (loads of YouTube videos on it) they’re amazing and last forever.

If you get a deep sided one you can use it for pretty much everything, and looks nice enough to have on the table.!

SavoyCabbage Fri 12-Feb-21 07:22:34

Sainsbury's range of cast iron is good. I've got some from there and some from le creuset and they are the same as far as I can tell.

RainingBatsAndFrogs Fri 12-Feb-21 08:47:16

I have a stainless steel paella pan that I make tarte tatin and veg tatin in.

Also a le Creuset style shallow casserole, Sainsbury’s and sometimes Lidl/ Aldi do similar enamelled cast iron but cheaper.

IstandwithJackieWeaver Fri 12-Feb-21 08:52:35

A good cake tin will also work - the sort you out half a Victoria sponge cake mix in. Needs to be steel/stainless steel and not non-stick.

Duckchick Fri 12-Feb-21 08:54:37

Another vote for a cast iron pan, it doesn't need to be enameled. The Lodge ones on Amazon got good reviews when I looked and we've certainly been happy with ours. They also have clear instructions on how to season them on their website. Amazon basics now do some cast iron pans but I don't know if that includes a frying pan.

sledgeski Fri 12-Feb-21 09:07:53

Thanks for this I had looked at amazon and had discounted them as cast iron are heavy and I am disabled so presume I wouldnt be able to turn it over (much as I love them). I presumed non stick couldnt go on hob and removable base wouldnt work so I couldnt see any options. Do I need a steel cake tin then? It doesnt seem ideal on the hob with no handle.

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ShrikeAttack Fri 12-Feb-21 09:28:44

Hi OP, get on of these, they're great oven to hob, not too heavy, and have fantastic heat distribution. They have the silicone handle protectors for removing it from the oven, you can get a lid for it too.

Very handy bit of kit, I use mine for all sorts of things.

4merlyknownasSHD Fri 12-Feb-21 11:41:13

This is the one I use, and have done for years. It is excellent.

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