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NAB3 Sun 28-Oct-07 15:15:35

Like mint sauce goes with lamb and horseradish sauce with beef, what goes with gammon? Wondering about apple sauce but thought I would see the opinion on here!

SenoraGruesomeCatastrophe Sun 28-Oct-07 15:17:20

apple sauce works. the usual thing is to serve with a slice of pineapple.

SenoraGruesomeCatastrophe Sun 28-Oct-07 15:17:37

or mustard

NAB3 Sun 28-Oct-07 15:18:41

Okay, thank you.

bilblio Sun 28-Oct-07 18:31:38

I always serve it with cheese sauce

NAB3 Sun 28-Oct-07 18:35:01

Really? I love cheese sauce and would never think to do it with gammon.

All ate it and will def do it again.

lilospell Sun 28-Oct-07 22:12:41

Parsley sauce or onion sauce also common with gammon. I like chutney with mine. I often do cauliflower or macaroni cheese with gammon, so the sauce goes with the veg or pasta rather than the meat IYSWIM.

squishie Sun 28-Oct-07 22:16:33

pease pudding. any pulse if you are squeamish, lentils or chickpeas would be nice too.

tori32 Sun 28-Oct-07 22:17:21

I love honey and mustard sauce with Jar BTW!grin

Skribble Sun 28-Oct-07 22:17:52

Gammon steaks = pineapple slice or apple sauce.

justjules Sun 28-Oct-07 22:18:59

plum sauce...

its fab with gammon grin

NAB3 Mon 29-Oct-07 10:13:41

Thank you all. Lots of new things to try. The kids always love the accompaning sauces.

nappyaddict Thu 07-Feb-08 02:23:24

honey mustard and pineapple

perry and mustard sauce

egg and cheese sauce

italian style

whiskey sauce

orange sauce

Califrau Thu 07-Feb-08 02:31:22

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

nappyaddict Tue 12-Feb-08 18:10:27

made the honey and mustard one today. did half and half orange/pineapple juic. will use only 1 tsp of mustard though next time.

nappyaddict Fri 28-Mar-08 18:27:05

made the whiskey one today. used about 3 or 4 capfuls of whiskey though and 2 onions.

stirlingmum Fri 28-Mar-08 20:36:30

Should be parsley sauce.

nappyaddict Thu 06-Jan-11 18:10:03

The italian link no longer works so I will update it with this one.

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