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Help! Left Beef Stew in kitchen overnight - should we eat it?

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gameboy Sun 28-Oct-07 09:02:21

I'm mightily p*ssed off. I made a gorgeous slow-cooked beef stew yesterday and kids had some for tea. Was saving the rest for DH and I for today, as we went out last night. Anyway, got up this morning and discovered that after I transferred it into a dish to put in the fridge it was actually left on the kitchen bench all night.... sad

Does it have to go in the bin, or would heating it to a high temperature kill any bugs?

Am gutted - it was delicious when I tasted it yesterday - really tender beef.

Am also annoyed with DH as he 'tidied' the kitchen while I got ready and didn't put it in the fridge (but of course he is denying any responsibiity...) angry

ScaryScienceT Sun 28-Oct-07 09:03:15

I would eat it - just make sure you heat it up well.

Katymac Sun 28-Oct-07 09:03:51

I think beef is fairly indestructable

I would certainly eat it (& I have a tummy that objects to even mildly off food)

PhantomHaunteDDeath Sun 28-Oct-07 09:04:04

I would too, but then our kitchen is just about as cold as a fridge these days anyway!

franke Sun 28-Oct-07 09:05:46

It will be fine, but I'd deffo eat it today to be on the safe side. Just make sure it's given a good blast in the oven beforehand.

Blandmum Sun 28-Oct-07 09:06:10

Goodness, yes!

Just make sure it is piping hot before you eat it. It will be fine.

My slutish habits mean this happens quite often chez bishop blush

gameboy Sun 28-Oct-07 09:09:58

Oh - that makes me feel a bit happier... watch out for the 'AIBU to be annoyed with the MNers who said I'd be OK, now I've got food-poisoning?' thread grin

ivykaty44 Sun 28-Oct-07 09:36:10

I would eat it, enjoy it and not worry in the least. As long as you cook it properly and by that get the temperature up to above 65 then it will be fine. I would stick it in the oven now on gas mark 3 and eat it in about 3-4 hours time.

Furball Sun 28-Oct-07 09:48:28

I did exactly the same earlier in the week - Left it out all night. I put it in the oven in the dish for an hour, served it with peas and chips and was lovely.

nooka Sun 28-Oct-07 09:55:30

Stew is always best re-heated, and overnight shouldn't cause any major issues. I quite often leave that sort of thing overnight because it is too hot to go in the fridge the night I make it. Unless you have a very delicate digestion then I don't think you should have any great problem (if you do then I expect you need toughening up inside anyway grin). Don't blast it though otherwise it will be horrible - all dried out, it you heat it until it's bubbling and leave it like that for half an hour of so it should be fine (IMO).

OnlySlightlyScary Mon 29-Oct-07 12:38:50

I am not a member of the food police either, and would probably eat it, but I would get it really hot first and then probably chuck any leftovers away just to be on the safe side!

colditz Mon 29-Oct-07 12:42:26

Oh yes, certainly - heat it in the oven though, not the microwave - and obviously until it bubbles ...
what do you think people did 100 years ago?

PS it will taste better too.

EffiePerine Mon 29-Oct-07 12:44:18

yes, I count the oven as a (relatively) sterile environment grin. Reheat it properly though.

ShaunOfTheThread Mon 29-Oct-07 12:47:17

I would def. eat it. I'm often a bit blush at queries like this that I see on Mumsnet, because invariably I think 'bloody hell, I eat that sort of thing all the time without thinking twice'.

colditz Mon 29-Oct-07 12:47:55

heh heh heh

Me too.

How 'gone off' can it be?

colditz Mon 29-Oct-07 12:49:41

My parents used to cook a Christmas Turkey, then keep the remains for a week, until New Years at least ... in the downstairs loo!!!!!!!!!

In their defence, if was a Victorian house, and the loo used to be the pantry ... but still!

EmilyDavidson Mon 29-Oct-07 16:32:06

I would certainly eat it ,I bet it will be lovely having that extra time and warmth to mature !
just re-heat it to volcanic temperature if you're worried about germs

Dinosaur Mon 29-Oct-07 16:33:19

Another vote here for eating it, heated up first so it is piping hot, just to be on the safe side.

nannyL Mon 29-Oct-07 18:10:35

id eat it... just double check its super hot first!

dinny Mon 29-Oct-07 18:13:09

yes, often leave stuff out overnight if it's too hot to go in fridge

BreeVanDerCampLGJ Mon 29-Oct-07 18:14:18

She hasn't been back, do you think she might be daiiiiiiiiiiiiiid ?? grin

gameboy Tue 30-Oct-07 15:58:53

(Pops back to say, "thanks, don't worry, I'm still alive, it was fine AND DELICIOUS")

franke Tue 30-Oct-07 15:59:58

<heaves sigh of relief>


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