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ineedanotherholiday Sun 10-Jan-21 13:32:25

I've just seen an air fryer for £30 in aldi special buys. I've been thinking about getting one for a while but don't want to buy if it's going to die quickly and I should have just bit the bullet and bought a decent one.

Anyone have the from aldi? People with acti fryers do use them much? Like them?

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Georgyporky Sun 10-Jan-21 18:05:07

I like Aldi, but I wouldn't buy an AF from them.
I bought an Aldi halogen oven a few years ago & it died just a few days after the year's warranty ran out.
I've had the Phillips Airfryer for 4-5 years now & am pleased with it.
There are recipes on their website, & also an app.
BTW, I think actifryers have a paddle, so don't know what you can cook in them.

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