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Would you eat these?

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lastqueenofscotland Fri 08-Jan-21 22:24:32

I’m an absolute minger and probably wouldn’t

PistolKnight Fri 08-Jan-21 21:21:51

Of course, they're ambient so will be fine ages after the bbe

MirandaMarple Fri 08-Jan-21 21:15:26


Gasp0deTheW0nderD0g Fri 08-Jan-21 21:02:43

Wouldn't think twice about it. Have they been in some sort of vacuum pack?

RaininSummer Fri 08-Jan-21 20:17:35

I wouldnt buy those but I prob would eat them having had a good sniff and an experimental taste first. I eat things way over bb dates generally.

The longest was chocolate philly which was unopened but a year over. It was fine but I never bought it again as the very face it had lasted that long put me right off. Like the experiment with the macdonalds burger which never grows mould.

PaquitaVariation Fri 08-Jan-21 20:09:11

I’m assuming they’re ‘ambient temperature’ ones, not ones hiding in the back of the fridge? If so, yes I would eat them, they’ll be full of preservatives and be fine.

karmakameleon Fri 08-Jan-21 20:05:39

No not a fresh item that was that old. A tin I would have no issue with.

KaptainKaveman Fri 08-Jan-21 20:02:03


Ylvamoon Fri 08-Jan-21 20:00:02

Best before means you can still eat them. ... the sugar is a good preservative and they should be fine.

But yeah, generally I would not want to eat them!

MrsR87 Fri 08-Jan-21 19:59:48


kowari Fri 08-Jan-21 19:58:43

If I didn't like them enough to have eaten them by now then they would go in the bin. If I was broke I would eat the September one.

LynetteScavo Fri 08-Jan-21 19:57:03


pilates Fri 08-Jan-21 19:56:49


daisydalrymple Fri 08-Jan-21 19:56:04

No way from me.

DisneyBaby Fri 08-Jan-21 19:54:26

See picture attached.
2 microwaveable puddings from Asda. One best before date is July 2020 and one is Sept 2020?

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