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Anyone know of any curry or spice kit subscriptions

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Overseasmom100 Fri 08-Jan-21 14:42:16

New year resolution decided to cook more from.scratch...we love curries and wouldnt mind getting a few kits rather than jars and jars of spices. Like these food dinner boxes...are there any curry or spice kits about. Anyone recommend any?

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Fivemoreminutes1 Fri 08-Jan-21 15:37:55

I got the ‘family favourites’ from The Spicery for DH for Father’s Day. He loved it! So did the rest of the family!

RockyRoadster Fri 08-Jan-21 15:43:27

Would also recommend The Spicery. We had a 6 month subscription as a Christmas present a couple of years ago and they come in a letter box sized box and there is a good choice of kits.

Overseasmom100 Fri 08-Jan-21 16:21:22

Ah ok I'll have a look at them.
Which ones are your favourites?

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PurpleDandelions Fri 08-Jan-21 16:21:57

The spicery is fab.

RamblingFar Fri 08-Jan-21 16:23:06

Feast Box do meal kit boxes.

BlairWaldorfLovesShopping Fri 08-Jan-21 16:26:22

Don't know about subscriptions sorry, but the Spice Tailor kits (from the supermarket) are really, really nice. We have tried almost every one and they were all lovely. Had a (cheaper) Patak's one the other day and it was nowhere near as good.

FutureDays Fri 08-Jan-21 16:27:47

I've had some of the Boom Kitchen curry kits and loved them

SoupDragon Fri 08-Jan-21 16:28:51

DS has one from Boom Kitchen which he thinks is good.

SoupDragon Fri 08-Jan-21 16:29:39

the Spice Tailor kits (from the supermarket) are really, really nice.

DS likes those too.

Stealthynamechange Fri 08-Jan-21 16:32:07

I use simply cook, i really enjoy their curries, link here for a £1 box (4 recipes) if anyone is interested:

Sandsnake Fri 08-Jan-21 16:33:06

Another vote for Spice Tailor! Fantastic for very little effort.

MotorwayDiva Fri 08-Jan-21 16:35:34

Another vote for simplycook, they are easy and yummy

movingonup20 Fri 08-Jan-21 16:38:53

Simply cook have some good ones, there's a free box referral on the relevant page of Mumsnet

Loner1 Fri 08-Jan-21 17:41:56

I'm a huge fan of Curry Frenzy kits, it's how I started cooking without the jars and I find them excellent value compared to little kits that make one curry as we usually get about 3 meals per bag. You get a bag with all the spices premixed and a little list of fresh ingredients and a recipe. I've also tried Tyga, Spice Tailor and much prefer curry frenzy.

LordEmsworth Fri 08-Jan-21 18:35:31

I get the Meat Free Magic box every month from The Spicery - highly recommend

readit Fri 08-Jan-21 20:25:37

I get the Indian takeaway favourites box each month from the Spicery. The curries have been very good, some are exceptional. The box makes a feast (curry and 3 sides) and usually takes around 2 hours, most of which is hands on time so you need to enjoy the cooking process as well as the eating.

ElGuardiandenoche Fri 08-Jan-21 20:50:46

Try Aly at Nature's Kitchen. They are a small family business and hand grind their spices in small batches so they are lovely and fresh. Aly is a fabulous character and I'm very lucky that she is local to me. They do a good range of herbs and spices.

Overseasmom100 Fri 08-Jan-21 22:31:44

Some lovely sugestions thank you will check them out. We are more the usual curries korma, jalfrezi, bhuna etc. so although I fancy being abit more adventurous Im abit worried if I order some and dont like them then Ive wasted my money!

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SallyOMalley Fri 08-Jan-21 22:41:35

I'm not sure if they do subscriptions as such, but Rafi's Spice Box is fab. One of their shops is local to me - highly recommended.

Shorthairlady Fri 08-Jan-21 23:06:15

I've always been wary of these but I found these randomly in an Asian food shop - and I was blown away at how flavoursome it was. Bought all the different mixes and you only need 3 ingredients. Very quick and easy and tasty amazing.

Shorthairlady Fri 08-Jan-21 23:07:06

That would be taste amazing grin

Overseasmom100 Wed 13-Jan-21 08:53:35

I think The Spicery looks great think that's the one Im favoured to.

Any others I could look at?

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