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Silicone Yorkshire pudding tray

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Purplewithred Mon 04-Jan-21 15:26:39

Our trusty Yorkshire pudding tray was finally put to rest last night (finally moved from non-stick to active-stick, despite plenty of cooking fat). I'm looking for a 12-hole shallow bun tray in silicone suitable for individual Yorkshires. Anyone got any genius finds or will I just have to get a standard bun tray?

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Plonque Mon 04-Jan-21 15:33:39

I don't really rate silicone for any food use, I had a cake tray and found it tainted the food.

For baking trays I now have glass, it's really good for non stick, but never seen any type of cake or muffin tray in glass unfortunately. Hopefully with the eco movement, someone will!

Georgyporky Mon 04-Jan-21 17:18:20

I got mine from Amazon. They do need to go on a solid baking tray as they can be a bit bendy.
I've got several silicon items, never had a problem with tainting, but they must be washed before using, & can go in the DW.

AtleastitsnotMonday Mon 04-Jan-21 18:52:48

The whole secret with Yorkshire’s is getting the fat hot enough. I just can’t see how you could do that with silicon.

Twobrews Mon 04-Jan-21 18:57:16

Silicone is a revelation for Yorkshire pudding.
I use barely any fat just wipe them with a bit of oil or lard and make sure the oven is really hot and they work perfectly

Purplewithred Mon 04-Jan-21 19:02:22

@twobrews do you just use a bun tray?

Mum used to bang on about getting the oven roasting hot but I find 210 more than hot enough. I think Mum's old Rayburn used to take a weeks worth of coal to get to 200, whereas mine goes to 250 in 5 mins if I ask it to.

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HardAsSnails Mon 04-Jan-21 19:23:50


The whole secret with Yorkshire’s is getting the fat hot enough. I just can’t see how you could do that with silicon.

Someone posted an article on here last week suggesting that hot oil wasn't necessary as long as you use a thin metal tin (and the oven needs to be hot obvs), I tested it at the weekend and it bloody works.

So, OP, my recommendation is just a cheap bun/muffin tray, most are steel under the coating so can be recycled once past their best.

(And do try out not heating the oil/fat first, it's a revelation for a clumsy twat like me).

InTheLongGrass Mon 04-Jan-21 19:29:38

I've moved back to metal for yorkshires. I find it better than silicone.

Twobrews Mon 04-Jan-21 20:16:43

I use two silicone six hole bun tins.
Agree totally with 200 being hot enough, I find any hotter and they burn on the tops before they're fully risen.

SpaceOp Tue 05-Jan-21 11:48:34

I thought the problem with silicon for yorkshires is that the silicon itself doesn't actually get that hot and you need the heat to surround the yorkies? I have a lovely silicon muffin tray from Lakeland that I use for cupcakes and muffins but have always avoided it for yorkshire puddings. May rethink that after this thread....

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