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Left over smoked salmon?

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Lovemusic33 Sun 03-Jan-21 14:17:40

Thank you, lots of fab ideas, I might give the crust less quiche a go and maybe a pasta dish.

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SantasBritchesSpelleas Sun 03-Jan-21 12:39:33

It's nice in a toasted cheese sandwich.

TanteRose Sun 03-Jan-21 12:37:56

I made a crustless quiche with leftover smoked salmon:
4 eggs
200 mls milk
90g cheese
Add sautéed spinach and onions
Pour into oven proof dish and add salmon slices and more cheese
Cook in 180 degree oven for 50 minutes

Incrediblytired Sun 03-Jan-21 12:35:47

It would be lovely in a quiche - perhaps with some veg?

KEVINChristmas Sun 03-Jan-21 12:34:30

Pasta even

KEVINChristmas Sun 03-Jan-21 12:34:13

Fry leeks, mushrooms, tomatoes and stir through the salmon and some creme fraiche with past. It's delicious.

karmakameleon Sun 03-Jan-21 12:32:48

You could make fish cakes. Or a smoked salmon pate.

Chewbecca Sun 03-Jan-21 12:28:47

We have it with pasta - bows (farfelle) go well.

Fry a couple of leeks gently in oil whilst the pasta is boiling, when nearly ready, add the salmon, some single cream, a squeeze of lemon and some black pepper. Warm through for a minute or two before mixing the pasta in. (No Parmesan).

MajesticWhine Sun 03-Jan-21 12:04:14

An omelette if it's just a small amount.
Or pasta with a creamy sauce and parsley.

EwwSprouts Sun 03-Jan-21 12:02:26

Similar to above
Fry finely chopped onion & celery until soft but not brown.
Add prawns, slosh of white wine, dollop of cream cheese, then at last minute add smoked salmon to just heat through & black pepper to taste.
Serve with spaghetti or linguine.

Bcnamechanger Sun 03-Jan-21 11:53:46

Wilt some spinach then drain off the liquid, add finely cut up smoked salmon, wee squeeze of lemon and a tub of creme fraiche. While you're waiting for it to come up to a simmer, boil a bag of gnocchi. Chuck the cooked gnocchi into the sauce. My favourite go-to 10 minutes midweek dinner. Works well with (much cheaper) trimmings.

LIZS Sun 03-Jan-21 11:44:12

Stir into scrambled egg, or pasta with cremefraiche /cream cheese

abersinas Sun 03-Jan-21 11:37:53

Make Macaroni cheese and add it to the cheese sauce just before mixing with the pasta

SpiderGwen Sun 03-Jan-21 11:30:04

Make a carbonara but with fine strips of smoked salmon instead of bacon.

Snip it into small bits and stir it through scrambled egg.

Lovemusic33 Sun 03-Jan-21 11:27:57

I have some smoked salmon left over from a food hamper, I’m not keen on eating it as it is unless it’s really thin so is it possible to cook it? If so has anyone got a recipe or an idea of what I can cook it with?

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