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Save me from NYE new potatoes

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Letsdothis06 Wed 30-Dec-20 20:26:16

Haven't been super motivated this festive season and haven't planned our New Year Eve and New Year day meals until now. I do want to make it a bit special but need to make do with ingredients we already have (had food delivery today).
We have settled for salmon for NYE, but we tend to eat it once a week with new potatoes and I refuse to have new potatoes yet again despite my husband's plea! grin

Any ideas on more festive accompaniments? Ideas to make the salmon itself more festive will be welcome too!

Thank you!!

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AtleastitsnotMonday Wed 30-Dec-20 21:32:34

How about this salmon with cranberries and pistachios? I did it on Sunday and it was a hit. I would do crushed, roasted new potatoes with capers and herbs.

Letsdothis06 Wed 30-Dec-20 21:50:37

That looks lovely! I had checked the BBC food recipes and hadn't come across that one, thank you! We have everything apart from the fresh cranberries, we only have dried cranberries but I guess I can just leave that out. Crushing the new potatoes could be a nice twist!

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KihoBebiluPute Wed 30-Dec-20 23:51:35

Hasselbeck potatoes

TyneTeas Wed 30-Dec-20 23:59:01

If you are looking for a way to use the potatoes then hasselback or some kind of boulengere or daupinoise slicy potato thing would go...?

I quite like simply putting a tablespoon or two of milk in a pan and softening a tub of cream cheese in, maybe with some parsley and black pepper and then adding cooked pasta in to go with salmon

AdaColeman Thu 31-Dec-20 00:14:02

Cook the salmon with a herb or mustard crust depending on what you have available, and the potatoes as Greek roast potatoes with garlic, lemon and herbs.
All quick & easy and oven cooked at the same time.

Happy New Year! wine [wine ]

Letsdothis06 Sun 03-Jan-21 23:14:58

Thank you! Just to report back that I used the salmon recipe suggested here. We ended up with gnocchi gratin as a side, but made my first hasselback potatoes with our roast on new years day. Don't know how I never knew they existed!

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Imtoooldforallthis Mon 04-Jan-21 10:33:02

I haven't tried these yet but they look amazing, a cross between hasselback and daupinoise.

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