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Cook Ham

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SquirrelFan Mon 28-Dec-20 15:10:58

Okay, so that was the saltiest ham I've ever had! Don't know how we can get through the rest of it...

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SquirrelFan Mon 28-Dec-20 11:54:09

Yes, indeed. Thanks for your reply. I thought it was cooked, but I'm used to meats saying "ready to eat/slice/enjoy/whatever!"

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Bringbackthestrips Mon 28-Dec-20 11:45:10

Is it this? In which case it’s a honey roast ham so is already cooked

SquirrelFan Mon 28-Dec-20 11:42:03

I ordered a ham from Cook and have been defrosting it in the fridge for a few days. Now I want to eat it but it doesn't give any indication if it needs further cooking!

Has anyone had any experience with their frozen ham before?

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