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Roasting tin books

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cherrylipz Sun 27-Dec-20 21:34:49

Are there loads of recipes involving tomatoes? I've seen the books recommended a lot but the rest of my family won't eat anything tomato based 🙄

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GrannyHaddock Sun 27-Dec-20 21:58:55

Plenty of recipes without tomatoes but some of them have many ingredients. I was just looking at one with 19. The description says 10 mins preparation time! You need a very large roasting tray, or two to cook for a family and I am always surprised how long it needs in the oven at high temperature.

QueenOfTheDoubleWide Sun 27-Dec-20 22:01:56

I have this one and there aren't many tomatoey ones at all. There's some lovely recipes in it

cherrylipz Mon 28-Dec-20 08:32:18

Thank you! I will buy that one and see how it goes

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