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What goes on your cheese board?

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DfEisashambles Sat 26-Dec-20 09:55:52

I’m assembling one later this afternoon and have a good selection but don’t want to over do it - I read that two soft and one hard is best to not over complicate.

What combinations do you do?

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JumpingJamboree Sat 26-Dec-20 10:00:48

Last night, we had Cornish yarg, black bomber cheddar, caramelised onion cheddar, Boursin cheese and a couple of baby bells for DH confused then two types of cracker, chutney, butter and some grapes.

QueenofLouisiana Sat 26-Dec-20 10:08:26

Yesterday we had: a mature Brie, a traditional Red Leicester, a Stilton with cranberries, a cheddar and something else (recommended by the cheesemonger and I can’t remember what it was).
I put out grapes, walnuts, olives and cherry tomatoes on the vine. Green tomato chutney on the side, port to drink.
God I love cheeseboards!
Great user name BTW- I totally agree grin

Mummydoctor Sat 26-Dec-20 10:11:24

This was ours last night before we opened everything! We also had some gherkins and a large box of mixed crackers.

Mintjulia Sat 26-Dec-20 10:14:23

We had Cornish Camembert, double Gloucester with chives, welsh goats cheese, mature cheddar and Shropshire blue.

Plus apples, celery and some homemade haw jelly. smile

Mummydoctor Sat 26-Dec-20 10:14:38

Let’s try that again! Doh!

PonyPals Sat 26-Dec-20 10:16:08


Serin Sat 26-Dec-20 11:10:22

Sage Derby
Goats. (Cant stand this but everyone else likes it).

DfEisashambles Sat 26-Dec-20 12:16:06

These all sound fantastic thank you and are giving me a good idea of what to do - @Mummydoctor that looks good.

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cricketmum84 Sat 26-Dec-20 12:25:13

A nice crunchy English cheddar
Creamy Lancashire
Mild Edam for the kids (although I do like it too)
Apple wedges
Caramelised onion chutney
Selection of different crackers as we all like different ones!

cricketmum84 Sat 26-Dec-20 12:26:01

@PonyPals your fruit platter looks incredible!!!

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