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rockinaftermidnite Fri 25-Dec-20 09:09:02

I made a Tiramisu from a recipe I found online (BBC Good Food) and it was so disappointing! It didn't taste of anything but cream.

If you have a tried and true recipe for Tiramisu, please

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Fivemoreminutes1 Fri 25-Dec-20 09:33:13

I’ve just looked at that recipe and I’m not surprised! It’s got more than double the amount than I use
I make this version

karmakameleon Fri 25-Dec-20 19:39:38

I’m planning on making Delia’s tiramisu for New Year. No cream in the recipe but will report back once I’ve made it.

rockinaftermidnite Fri 25-Dec-20 21:13:16


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Mominatrix Sat 26-Dec-20 08:37:18

I make the New York Times Classic Tiramisu. Easy and very tasty. Cant do a link because I’m on my iPad and I get sent to their cooking anytime I look up recipes as I am a subscriber.

Foggyday124 Sat 26-Dec-20 08:53:35

The recipe for the tiramisu is a fool proof one:

4 eggs
100 gr sugar
500 gr mascarpone
300 gr savoiardi (I find them in M&S)
Strong coffee
Chocolate powder.

Electric mixer, mix sugar and yolks. When all nice and fluffy add mascarpone.
Make lots of coffee.
Put a layer of mascarpone/eggs in the container you are going to use to keep/serve the tiramisu.
Dunk the biscuits in the coffee until they change colour and become slightly soft but not breaking.
Layer them on top of the cream. Then again cream. Them another layer of biscuits, until you have finished the ingredients.
Sieve a bit of chocolate powder on top.

Here’s the important bit: tiramisu is best served one day after making, and absolutely needs to be at room temperature.


chloechloe Sun 27-Dec-20 13:44:35

I haven’t looked up the recipe you used but never ever ever make tiramisu with cream! Mascarpone all the way.

My foolproof recipe is Nigella’s baileys tiramisu. DH is Italian and this always goes down a storm with all of his spectacularly fussy foodie relatives and anybody else we’ve served it to.

Ingredients need to be at room temperature for many hours. You can use an electric whisk to beat the egg whites and cream the yolks and sugar. But always fold the mascarpone in by hand - I was once lazy and used the electric whisk I had out, which makes it go runny due to the fat content of the mascarpone breaking down and you won’t be able to save it.

Don’t dip the savioardi for too long - you must dunk them individually for just a few seconds on each side. And as foggyday has said, it needs to rest overnight.

That makes it sound more complicated than it is, but the Nigella recipe is easy - just read through it carefully beforehand as you need to use the Baileys in two parts.

rockinaftermidnite Mon 28-Dec-20 02:02:22

Love Nigella's recipes and also those of the NY Times. Interesting that these don't use cream at all. Thanks all!

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BigSandyBalls2015 Mon 28-Dec-20 17:18:04

I also do nigellas baileys one, it’s easy and lovely

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