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Swine flu outbreak

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Somebodyimportant1 Sat 19-Dec-20 22:45:21

Is anyone else wondering or bothered or is it just me?

A few weeks ago, swine flu was discovered and it's of birds were culled. I have not heard anything on the news about it and wondering if it is safe to eat any type of bird. & wondering why nothing is being said about it. Have they decided to keep things quiet because they Dont want farmers to lose money?

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dementedpixie Sat 19-Dec-20 22:46:50

Is it not bird flu rather than swine flu?
It is on the BBC news site and anyone with birds have to keep them in now

dementedpixie Sat 19-Dec-20 22:48:22

ChequerBoard Sat 19-Dec-20 22:48:33

Eh? I think you have a few crossed wires. There is outbreak of avian or bird flu. It is nothing to do with swine flu.

dementedpixie Sat 19-Dec-20 22:49:33

Swine = pigs

WitchesBritchesPumpkinPants Sat 19-Dec-20 22:50:19

Are you seeing flying pigs?

Grobagsforever Sat 19-Dec-20 22:59:32

What are you wanting to cook with the swine @Somebodyimportant1 ? I think the flu will die in a oven.

EarringsandLipstick Sat 19-Dec-20 23:19:08


Swine = pigs


Somebodyimportant1 Sun 20-Dec-20 05:01:33

🤔🤔🤔 well, all I can recall a few weeks ago was that a form of avian or swine flu broke out and it was reported that over 1500 turkeys would be culled somewhere on the southeast of England

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DreamingOfSummer1 Sun 20-Dec-20 05:02:56

Swine flu is pigs. Turkeys are not pigs, they’re birds.

PleasantVille Sun 20-Dec-20 05:11:15

If swine flu has jumped species to turkeys we're in serious (pig) hit.

I do remember reading about some kind of avian flu recently, possibly an isolated case. Have you tried a Google search?

Blacktothepink Sun 20-Dec-20 05:14:01

It was bird flu.

Santababy56 Sun 20-Dec-20 05:18:21

The link that dementedpixie put up pretty much explains it.

Calm down everybody and read t'link. I think bird flu is the least of our worries right now, unless you're a poultry farmer of course.

dementedpixie Sun 20-Dec-20 08:26:34

A more updated link. Seems some wild birds affected too. The strain doesn't seem to have affected humans though which is good.

AgnesNaismith Sun 20-Dec-20 08:30:04

Fuck the tiers, if no one can have pigs in blankets there’ll be riots.

dementedpixie Sun 20-Dec-20 08:37:49

Bird flu strains (H5N2, H5N8, H5N5, H5N1) - don't tend to infect people
Swine flu is H1N1 and does infect humans

RoseAndRose Sun 20-Dec-20 08:39:42


Are you seeing flying pigs?


They're always marinaded in gin

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