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Best rum truffle recipe?

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Dachshelp Thu 17-Dec-20 11:39:39

I have used the good food one and it is ok but I don’t know them rolled in cocoa power? It ruins it for me but that may just be me? Can anyone recommend the best recipe?

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Lalanbaba Thu 17-Dec-20 13:48:10

I would use a simple ganache.
250 g chocolate (I like to use 50/50 milk and dark)
210g double cream
40g rum
Heat up cream to a boil. Add rum, pour over chocolate. Mix till smooth. Refrigerate cover at least 4h.
Make little balls and roll in cocoa, chocolate shavings, coconut flakes or crushed nuts.
Or chill them and dip them in tempered chocolate. Then you will get crunchy outside and soft inside

Dachshelp Thu 17-Dec-20 14:00:00

Thanks what’s tempered chocolate? What kind of nuts would work? I have only ever made them with cocoa powder and had the powdery bitter bit at the beginning.

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Lalanbaba Thu 17-Dec-20 19:01:17

It's melting and cooling chocolate so it gets glossy and crunchy
For nuts I would try toasted hazelnuts

Dachshelp Thu 17-Dec-20 20:18:15

Bugger, I think hazelnuts are the only nuts I don’t have! Thanks I will have a go at that.

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LakeFlyPie Thu 24-Dec-20 00:33:14

My Grandma's recipe is a winner, usually use brandy but you could substitute rum:
6oz dark choc
1.5oz unsalted butter
2oz sifted icing sugar
2 oz ground almonds
2 tblspns brandy plus an extra slosh

Melt 2/3rd choc in bowl over pan boiling water, grate the remaining 1/3 and set aside. Add brandy and butter when choc melted, remove from heat and stir in sugar and almonds and blend well. Chill. Roll into balls and roll them in grated choc

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