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Dairy Free Christmas Food

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JiltedJohnsJulie Thu 10-Dec-20 21:46:43

Does anyone fancy a thread of DF finds this Christmas?

Can I start off with Lidl's Mince Pies, Asda's Mince Pies and Bisto Best gravy.

I can't actually make mince pies although I'd love to, pastry is my nemesis...

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MoreHairyThanScary Thu 10-Dec-20 21:49:57

Lidl lebkuchen we love them!

Tesco mini stollen

prunetang Thu 10-Dec-20 21:52:28

More on the mince pies front, but Greggs Mince pies are also suitable for vegans (and are labelled as such) so they are Dairy Free.
As are their ice ring donuts grin

Morrisons festive gingerbread stuffed donuts are also marked vegan, so again are dairy free!

JiltedJohnsJulie Thu 10-Dec-20 21:58:32

These suggestions are great so far, that donut from Morrison's sounds amazing!

I can see myself developing the same figure as Santa at this rate grin

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Fivemoreminutes1 Fri 11-Dec-20 05:27:50

Tesco Lebkuchen iced stars
Tesco chocolate and hazelnut mini churros
Sainsbury’s free from ginger tiffin
Sainsbury’s free from cranberry and orange tiffin
Kuchenmeister stollen (in most supermarkets)

JingleJohnsJulie Sat 12-Dec-20 11:30:12

Just checked these pigs-in-blankets from Sainsbury's and they are DF.

Has anyone had any more DF discoveries this week? smile

JingleJohnsJulie Mon 14-Dec-20 07:46:31

If anyone is a complete slattern and, God Forbid, was thinking of buying Red Cabbage instead of preparing their own, this one from Sainsbury's is DF grin

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