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Use mushroom soup as base for curry?

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LadyHedgehog Tue 08-Dec-20 17:04:41

For dinner tonight I was going to do mushroom noodles in a Thai red curry/peanut sauce. However, I have just realised that we are out of coconut milk. No yogurt or anything either. I do have a can of cream of mushroom soup. Do you think this could work as the base for the curry sauce, flavoured with Thai red curry paste and peanut butter? It sounds okay in my head but may not work in reality!

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katy1213 Tue 08-Dec-20 17:07:05

I wouldn't - but then I wouldn't go for Nigella's curried banana skins either.
Are you a student?

LadyHedgehog Tue 08-Dec-20 17:20:29

No, not a student, and (contrary to the above post!) usually quite a good cook!

The mushroom soup was an odd purchase by DH during first lockdown, and not something we'd usually have in the cupboard. I just had my stomach set on Thai peanut curry noodles and I can't be bothered to go out in the cold for coconut milk.

Thinking about it, it's probably not sweet enough, and I'd need to add sugar or honey or similar, so perhaps I'll do a mushroom carbonara or a drier noodle stir fry instead.

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Pikachubaby Tue 08-Dec-20 17:22:40

Too much salt, Thai curry paste is very salty. Soup too

Normal cream would be a sort of replacement maybe?

Pikachubaby Tue 08-Dec-20 17:23:20

You can make satay sauce with peanut butter and milk !

Pikachubaby Tue 08-Dec-20 17:24:18

Fry some very finely chopped onion, add peanut butter and milk, add chilli or chilli sauce to taste

It looks scary for a bit but thickens up beautifully

LonnyVonnyWilsonFrickett Tue 08-Dec-20 17:25:57

If you have stock, you can do it as a clear broth soupy type thing, you don't need coconut milk.

VanityWitch Tue 08-Dec-20 19:11:02


You can make satay sauce with peanut butter and milk !

Yes, I have done this, when I forgot to buy coconut milk. I honestly didn't really notice the difference when eating it.

LadyHedgehog Tue 08-Dec-20 19:45:21

No milk or cream I’m afraid. I didn’t risk it and went for a mushroom carbonara in the end!

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plinkplinkfizzer Sun 13-Dec-20 01:16:20

A good use for condensed mushroom soup is to make a cooked Breakfast Warm up your mushroom soup without the water , and use as a sauce to drizzle your sausages and bacon .

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