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would you eat squirrel?

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hatwoman Thu 18-Oct-07 19:44:53

why is it any different from eating any other animal?

southeastastra Thu 18-Oct-07 19:45:30

richard madely ate one and said it tasted nutty

Carmenere Thu 18-Oct-07 19:46:11

I would yes.

catsmother Thu 18-Oct-07 23:03:31

I'd try it but wouldn't go out of my way to find one.

Tinker Thu 18-Oct-07 23:09:15

Yes, I would. Loads in our garden. Hmm...

ChasingSquirrels Thu 18-Oct-07 23:19:44


hatwoman Thu 18-Oct-07 23:48:31

hmmmm. chasingsquirrels - aren;t you someone else who had a most amusing story that involved...chasing squirrels? remind me - it was a great story...

Kesh Thu 18-Oct-07 23:51:24


Old joke:- What has a hazelnut in every bite?

Squirrel shit!

ChasingSquirrels Thu 18-Oct-07 23:51:50

I don't think so, I was ChasingRabbits (cos the dog does it in her sleep), but then there were too many references to the other type of rabbit, and I suddenly thought ekk - and changed - having just seen a squrrel outside.

Roarindrunk Thu 18-Oct-07 23:55:27

Red squirrel or grey squirrel ? - red squirrel look as though they have bit more meat on them , although I suppose they would only be in Waitrose as they are quite rare and would be expensive. grin

hatwoman Thu 18-Oct-07 23:56:52

I always think the reds look a bit scrawny

fortyplus Thu 18-Oct-07 23:57:22

My son's scout group had a visit from a guy who cooked squirrel, rabbit and hedgehog on a camp fire and gave them a bit to try.

Roarindrunk Fri 19-Oct-07 00:00:35

so if you put a squirrel in the oven would it be a 'nut roast ' ?

fortyplus Fri 19-Oct-07 00:08:05

My mum was once going to order 'Jumping frogs legs' in a restaurant, but decided she couldn't bear to watch them hopping round the plate...

BirdOfPassage Wed 20-Jul-11 01:41:50

Only with tarragon

madwomanintheattic Wed 20-Jul-11 02:36:38

the il's friend made them squirrel pate. verdict: 'it was a bit dry'. so anything that is a bit dry in our house has henceforth become known as ' a bit squirrel'. so you're ok as long as you've got a large bottle of red to chug down with it.

Parietal Wed 20-Jul-11 03:49:35

DH bought a squirrel at a farmers Market & cooked it in red wine for hours. I ate it but it didn't taste great - dry and not much to it.

whimsicalname Wed 20-Jul-11 10:31:03

I've eaten squirrel. A friend's husband used to shoot them. They're basically like rabbit. Best eaten in autumn / early winter (very little meat on them in spring). Older ones will be tougher, so best stewed.

4merlyknownasSHD Wed 20-Jul-11 11:39:44

I ate squirrel once, like gamey rabbit and quite nice. It wants stewing so it is not dry. I had it with birch bark and bracken shoots in a survival lecture (in the army). I wouln't suggest bracken shoots at this time of year as they are poisonous, but mushrooms, onion and brocolli probably go quite well.

MayorNaze Wed 20-Jul-11 11:42:29


i haven't, but i would

apparently it appears on the menus of posh places as flightless partridge...

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