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Recommend me a curry paste/sauce

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Sewsosew Sun 22-Nov-20 12:52:31

I haven’t eaten curry in years. I had severe food poisoning from a takeaway and it put me off.
I do make Thai curries and thought I would make the effort and try again making something at home, esp with winter coming up.

Many years ago we used to get a great paste in a glass jar that you added tomatoes to and cooked to make the sauce. They stopped making it though. I do like tomato based curries and stuff that’s not too sweet.
I don’t fancy making the whole thing from scratch, esp if I don’t enjoy it in the end, just now.
Any reccs?

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Mommabear20 Sun 22-Nov-20 12:54:38

Homepride do one that you make in the slow cooker and add tinned tomatoes too and it's amazing! So good for quick dinners too as it's cooking during the day 😁

EminyBOO Sun 22-Nov-20 13:03:55

I use the Pataks pastes. I marinade chicken in the paste and yoghurt for a couple of hours, then add to veg and tinned toms.

Sewsosew Sun 22-Nov-20 13:29:47

No slow cooker. I think homepride stuff seems very sweet?

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AliceBlueGown Sun 22-Nov-20 13:33:22

Pataks paste - just follow the recipe on the box. I would avoid jar sauces - like you say too much sugar.

MrsElijahMikaelson1 Sun 22-Nov-20 13:39:03

Mince an onion/garlic and ginger to a paste. Add a table spoon of curry powder, turmeric. Fry for two mins. Add chicken/prawns/veg whatever you fancy +/- a tin of tomatoes. Add a tin of coconut milk and a stock cube. Cook till everything cooked through. I also add spinach. Done ✅

frustrationcentral Sun 22-Nov-20 13:39:43

We use the paste pots, think they might be Pataks? I'll go and try and find a picture

frustrationcentral Sun 22-Nov-20 13:41:13

They do tikka and korma

Sewsosew Sun 22-Nov-20 13:43:28

Ah great. They didn’t used to do them. Will have a look...

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EminyBOO Sun 22-Nov-20 15:30:59

They do jars in different flavours too

Fivefootoffun Sun 22-Nov-20 15:34:04

Have you got an Asian supermarket near by? Ours as a fab range.

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