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Any kefir experts on here?

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miimblemomble Wed 11-Nov-20 12:44:59

We were doing so well! Our kefir was so productive over summer (due to the heat I expect) that we had to throw some away. In the last couple of months though, it seems to have disappeared to virtually nothing, we had got a bit careless with it - leaving it for more than 24 hours - and there was a period where we had to use UHT milk now, but I’m being much more consistent now and using only fresh, usually organic, whole milk.

DH has been chucking the unstrained grains plus maybe 50ml of the previous days kefir / milk back into the same, unwashed jar with fresh milk, and only cleaning the jar every 2-3 days: I only found this out today! That’s not right is it?

Any advice on reviving sad tiny grains?

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