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Chicken curry

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Tilpop Mon 09-Nov-20 15:00:49


I want to make a curry in the oven. I have fresh chicken and veg etc. Can I put it all in a pot with sauce and straight in the oven or do I have to cook the chicken first

How would you make it?

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CarrotCakeSupprise Mon 09-Nov-20 21:10:14

Why do you want to do it in the oven?

I'd do it on the hob.

Brown the onions
Brown the chicken
Add sauce
Add veg - probably browned or cooked first, depending on what it is (happy to advise?)
Simmer until everything is done.

Tilpop Mon 09-Nov-20 22:28:20

It was just a fine thing rathe me than usi g the slow cooker

Thank you x

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