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Perfect cup for coffee

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Imtoooldforallthis Thu 29-Oct-20 18:24:32

Was going to post in the Christmas threads, but thought I'd try here first. I'm looking for a coffee mug for my SIL, he loves his coffee but usually it's an assortment of personalised card shop mug or chipped etc. Going to do him a coffee hamper and would like to get him a mug, tasteful, not personalised and a standard mug size not espresso. Has anyone seen anything nice?

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Fivemoreminutes1 Fri 30-Oct-20 07:45:39

Emma Bridgewater Theres one similar but slightly larger

FraughtwithGin Sun 01-Nov-20 20:50:49

I prefer my coffee in a mug.
Either one that belongs to my Villeroy und Boch Foglia service (no longer make) or Dunoon Orinoco.

PurBal Sun 01-Nov-20 20:54:22

We have Denby Azure Haze 400ml mugs. The do deiffere designs of the same size. They're perfect!

Jumbojem Tue 03-Nov-20 17:41:31

The bodum Pavina double wall glass ones. They keep the coffee warm but are handleless.
I've bought my son a whittard version which has a handle.

The le creusot rainbow coloured espresso ones are gorgeous but probably a bit spendy for a hamper!

Jumbojem Tue 03-Nov-20 17:44:17

Just seen not espresso, the le creusot do come in mug size too but for a single mug I think the double wall glass ones look good.

Imtoooldforallthis Tue 03-Nov-20 18:07:28

I ended up getting a double walked oglass one with handle.

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TheVanguardSix Tue 03-Nov-20 18:16:42

I know you've already got your mug, but I bought these last Christmas and they are THE BEST mugs ever (microwave safe as well, if you want to heat up milk quickly).

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