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Do you have any nice veggie savoury strudel recipes please?

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Howaboutthisone Thu 29-Oct-20 11:05:03

I'm fancying trying one of these. I've seen Nadiya's recipe in her book but I'm not a fan of coriander seeds or of currants in savoury food. Butternut squash is a winner though.
Does anyone have any lovely fillings that work in one of these please?

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Howaboutthisone Thu 29-Oct-20 11:27:54


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Fivemoreminutes1 Thu 29-Oct-20 12:00:10

Mushroom, pepper and pesto

Leek, mushroom and goats cheese

Chestnut, spinach and blue cheese en croute

Roasted veg en croute

AtleastitsnotMonday Thu 29-Oct-20 13:16:45

I’ve not tried it yet but this butternut squash and mushroom strudel is on my list of recipes to try.

Howaboutthisone Thu 29-Oct-20 14:21:00

These look lovely thanks!
The kids aren't usually keen on mushrooms but I love them so maybe one of these will help convince them 🤞🏼

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