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How long will meaty bolognaise sauce keep in the fridge?

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FairFriday Mon 19-Oct-20 17:53:42

So I made this on Saturday - how long should it be ok for? The meat was bought that day and it went into the fridge as soon as it cooled down.

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ApplePlumPie Mon 19-Oct-20 17:55:05

I would either freeze or use today.

FairFriday Mon 19-Oct-20 18:16:03

I was hoping it would be ok tomorrow - normally I freeze the same day. It's not the end of the world (it was extra sauce left over from a lasagne that the posters on the lasagne/cheese thread made me make on Saturday).

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AlwaysLatte Mon 19-Oct-20 18:39:25

I would eat it tomorrow, but no later.

Asterion Mon 19-Oct-20 18:41:48

A week. I'd not be worrying until, say, Friday.

But if you are worried, then just heat it up really hot.

HardAsSnails Mon 19-Oct-20 18:45:45

3 days, so fine for tomorrow.

FairFriday Mon 19-Oct-20 18:54:52

Thank you! It’s not mine (I don’t eat meat) soon don’t fancy poisoning anyone... unintentionally

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InTheLongGrass Mon 19-Oct-20 18:59:27

Ours regularly sits in the fridge for 3-4 days - I make a batch big enough for 2 meals. I'd say tomorrow would be fine, so long as it went into the fridge as soon as it was cold enough.

Redwinestillfine Mon 19-Oct-20 19:02:07

Freeze it tonight and take it out to defrost tomorrow lunchtime (or microwave from frozen, that works equally well)

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