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Hit me with your easiest yet tasty pasta dish please

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wellmaybenot Sun 11-Oct-20 22:41:47

Just that really! Looking for some inspiration for more easy but tasty pasta dishes blush

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Crinkleypeach Sun 11-Oct-20 22:51:57

Errrmmmm.... ok i love pasta so do the kids, so you know those pasta bake sauce jars? That you just add pasta and water to and bake? Or even the microwave ones? I always add a handful of sweetcorn, tin of tuna, shredded ham, sprinkle of cheese or even mixed veg. Obviously not all of those things in one go but alot goes together, great way of bumping up the veg intake without them realising!!! Anything just to change it up a bit. Kids love it. I love it. Quick easy meal for when ur busy or late home etc

Crinkleypeach Sun 11-Oct-20 22:54:11

Cauliflower and broccoli is great to add also spinach, peas, carrots etc. U can hide almost anything in a good pasta dish! I like to do my sauces with the chopped tomatoes etc but when ur time restricted do wot is simple. No need to stress urself for no reason x

QueenH Sun 11-Oct-20 22:54:36

We have this all the time but without the raisins:

SittingAround1 Sun 11-Oct-20 23:02:19

Fry olive oil, garlic, chopped up bacon , add tinned tomatoes. Simmer for ages.

Fry olive oil, garlic, bacon whilst spaghetti is cooking. Mix eggs with parmesan. When pasta is cooked mix all together in pan over heat until egg cooked for delicious carbonara.

Fry olive oil, garlic, add tinned tomatoes and chopped up chilli. Simmer for ages for an arrabiata.

Chop up lots of walnuts, black and green olives, capers, fry garlic lightly then add other ingredients (not for long) serve with spaghetti.

TheFormerPorpentinaScamander Sun 11-Oct-20 23:06:57

A jar of the bacon and cheese pasta bake sauce. Add fried bacon lardons and fried onion, and/or a tin of sweetcorn. Then add 2 packets of crushed smokey bacon crisps under the cheese layer.

this is also delicious

Crazzzycat Sun 11-Oct-20 23:12:46

I have it on good authority that this one is really nice:

I can’t stand mushrooms myself, but as I’m usually the one cooking it, I can definitely confirm that it’s very quick and easy

Pipandmum Sun 11-Oct-20 23:18:56

Get some spicy or some sort of some artisan sausages (I've just used Moroccan goat). Fry up some pre chopped onions and add the sausages out of their skins and mashed up with a fork. Add Lloyd Grossman tomato and chilli pasta sauce (or tomato and basil for milder taste). Simmer while cooking pasta. Pour over and sprinkle on pre shredded cheese. Job done.
Or, fry up til crisp 250gr Milan salami. Remove and chop up. Fry some sliced red onions. Add tin chopped tomatoes, three tablespoons vinegar and four tablespoons creme frais, return the salami and let simmer while boiling 300gr penne. Put pasta in ovenproof dish, pour over sauce, mix and top with mozzarella and few slices salami and bake for 30 min. Serve with salad.

RoundTheTwister Sun 11-Oct-20 23:24:06

Roast some veg (I do peppers, courgettes, mushrooms, onions, sweet potatoes and cauliflower) with fajita seasoning on them then add to the pasta. Grate some cheese on top and perfect pasta 😋

Walkley18 Sun 11-Oct-20 23:25:31

Cook pasta. Fry onion, then add cream cheese spread, and steamed or smoked salmon. Microwave / steam broccoli. Add altogether. Gorgeous! Also tastes great the next day cold. Takes around 15 mins.

minipie Sun 11-Oct-20 23:27:35

Carbonara - Fry lardons, add to pasta with beaten egg, parsley and parmesan
Creamy mushrooms - Fry mushrooms, add cream and parsley, tip over pasta
Smoked mackerel - Warm up smoked mackerel, cream and peas in a pan and mix in pasta. Also good with smoked salmon, or ham.

PurpleDaisies Sun 11-Oct-20 23:27:45

Homemade pesto is super easy if you have a blender. Much nicer the shop bought.
That’s my favourite easy pasta meal-fresh pesto with roasted veg, pine nuts and feta.

Onedropbeat Sun 11-Oct-20 23:28:13

Sausage and fennel pasta bake

MrsDarcyIwish Sun 11-Oct-20 23:31:48

Heat through prawns in frying pan. Add cherry tomatoes, big spoon of pesto and a couple of spoons of crème fraîche.

Fry red onion, sliced courgette in olive oil. Add sardines in oil, lemon zest, chili powder, handful of raisins and pine nuts. Serve with lemon juice and parmesan.

BumbleFlump Sun 11-Oct-20 23:32:18

Sauce with onion, garlic, fennel seeds, carrot, courgette, Yellow/red peppers, either fresh tomatoes or tinned, juice of an orange - yum 😋

AnneLovesGilbert Sun 11-Oct-20 23:33:01

This is the absolute nuts. Easy and delicious.

I use cream cheese, about 100g and halve the pasta and pesto. I use wholemeal fusilli.

HopesMama32 Sun 11-Oct-20 23:43:43

Thank for this OP im in need of some new dinner ideas!

iklboo Sun 11-Oct-20 23:43:58 THIS IS GORGEOUS]]

caringcarer Mon 12-Oct-20 00:21:14

Dry fry some bacon pieces and a couple of chopped chicken breast. Drain well when cooked. Add a pot of fromage frait and a slug of single cream. Stir well, then add in blue cheese such as gorganzolla. Put penne to boil in a pan with drizzle of olive oil and salt. As soon as cheese melted keep simmering and stirring, but don't let it boil or cream will curdle. Drain pasta when cooked. Pour mixture over pasta and mix in well. Serve hot. Takes 20 mins to cook and delicious.

SkiingIsHeaven Mon 12-Oct-20 00:36:21

Put pasta on.

In a large frying pan Fry chicken.

Add bacon and fry.

Add a tub of Philadelphia and some water. Stir it into a creamy sauce. Reduce if too wet or add water if too dry.

Once cooked drain pasta and add.

Serve up with lots of black pepper.

Used to eat it with crusty bread but that is lots of carbs.

Very quick and easy. Kids love it too.

Graphista Mon 12-Oct-20 00:42:41

@SittingAround1 shock think you missed the "easiest" part!

I also like to limit pan use and therefore minimise washing up!

So I do my pasta most often like this or very similar:

Sauté whatever veg I fancy in a little oil - usually some combination of sweet peppers, mushrooms, mange tout, tenderstem broccoli, baby corn... whatever, along with a clove or 2 of crushed garlic and maybe some frozen diced onion if I fancy

Set these aside in the bowl I'll be eating from (again not creating too many dishes to wash)

Add boiling water to pan, the oil stops the pasta sticking.

Cook fresh pasta - I prefer fresh both taste and it only takes a few mins to cook!

Drain pasta and combine with cooked veggies and whatever you prefer of the following:

Jarred pesto sauce
Boursin cheese (sort of "chop it" into smaller amounts so it melts easily, as it's just me I only use about 1/3 of a pack)
Cream cheese (plain or flavoured depending on preference)
Grated cheddar
Grated mozzarella
Basil leaves
Sundried tomatoes chopped up
Capers is a new thing I'm trying

I also always have in a garlic grinder which gets used on pretty much everything but works especially well with pasta.

Takes less than 10 mins including chopping the veggies and is fairly healthy and tasty.

Graphista Mon 12-Oct-20 00:44:57

@SittingAround1 oops! Sorry! Hadn't read yours properly and now see it is indeed several easy recipes


0DimSumMum0 Mon 12-Oct-20 01:12:56

This one is an absolute winner for taste. I often add bacon lardons and prawns also.

Rummikub Mon 12-Oct-20 01:21:34

Oil in pan, cook chopped bacon
Add 1-2tsp minced garlic
Add 1/4-1/2 tsp chilli from jar
Fry a little
Add tin of tomatoes
Optional add A pinch of sugar and a dash of Worcester sauce)
Stir in cooked pasts
Really fast simple and tasty

Rummikub Mon 12-Oct-20 01:24:42

Boil pasta
To the same pan add cream cheese, minced garlic, black pepper
Stir in till cheese coats then pasta

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