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Shall I persevere with cooking my chilli?

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slidingdrawers Sat 10-Oct-20 14:33:27

Making a chilli and on auto pilot just poured in a can of what I thought was kidney beans in chilli sauce but on rechecking was kidney beans in salted water. Shall I:

1. Up the spices and persevere?

2. Bin it and order in a takeaway for tonight instead?

Tastes a bit salty atm

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dementedpixie Sat 10-Oct-20 14:35:37

Stick a few peeled potatoes in while it cooks and they may take up some of the salt. Remove before they go mushy

dementedpixie Sat 10-Oct-20 14:40:22

Or make up another batch without salt and mix them together

slidingdrawers Sat 10-Oct-20 14:41:49

Peeling potatoes as I type, not good enough to make a second batch. Thank you.

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slidingdrawers Sat 10-Oct-20 14:42:02


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Lonelynow Sat 10-Oct-20 14:51:25

I've done this before, in the end I added more liquid tomatoes etc and added the rice I planned to serve it with to cook in the chilli. It was lovely and I do it like this regularly now for a change.

slidingdrawers Sat 10-Oct-20 15:00:05

Good idea lonelynow. I definitely won't need to season it!

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