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Sooooo many cabbages

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recreationalcalpol Wed 07-Oct-20 16:54:35

As a result of an over enthusiastic riverford delivery, I now have three cabbages in the fridge (2 savoy, one January king). What on earth am I to do with them please??

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ClaudiaWankleman Wed 07-Oct-20 16:58:13

Well the good news is that they last for a long time, so you don't need to do anything immediately.

I love colcannon, boiled and then stir fried cabbage with sesame seeds, okonomiyaki, you could make some kimchi if you felt up for getting a bit dirty?

Elouera Wed 07-Oct-20 17:00:05

Stuffed cabbage rolls

I agree that they keep for AGES in the crisper of a fridge!

AdaColeman Wed 07-Oct-20 17:21:16

Stuffed cabbage leaves, a good way of using up left over veg.
Bubble and squeak.
Add to soups such as minestrone, and to stir fry.

AdaColeman Wed 07-Oct-20 17:25:56

Oh yes, potato and cabbage bake, Antonio Carluccio and Gennaro Contaldo (Two Greedy Italians) have a good recipe, perfect for a cold winter day.

recreationalcalpol Wed 07-Oct-20 17:29:07

Ah, these are fabulous suggestions! Stuffed cabbage leaves sound amazing

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recreationalcalpol Wed 07-Oct-20 17:31:18

Also kimchi is a good shout. I used to go to the kimchi restaurant on High Holborn frequently in the before times, and I miss it

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PurpleDaisies Wed 07-Oct-20 17:34:16

This is a favourite...

Works with any cabbage. Freezes well too.

ODFOx Wed 07-Oct-20 17:45:07

Shred Savoy cabbage, steam and butter it. It goes with almost everything and is one of the few veg everyone in the family likes.

Or farikal (Norwegian lamb and cabbage stew). So delicious on a cold day!

It's just so versatile; it can be used wherever cauli or kale or leeks are.

You can use the leaves as a low calorie pie base: I sometimes line a buttered pie dish with cooked leaves (overlayed) , full with a meaty filling and then put mash or pastry on the top.

Fivemoreminutes1 Wed 07-Oct-20 18:01:36

Soup (can be frozen)


Fish pie (can be frozen)

wishing3 Wed 07-Oct-20 18:03:23

Just fry up with soy sauce or red wine and seasoning. Love Savoy cabbage! 😋

FreeButtonBee Wed 07-Oct-20 18:03:36

Taleggio bacon and Savoy cabbage gratin

Steam your cabbage; fry your bacon. Layer up bacon cabbage and taleggio with a bit of butter, nutmeg and pepper in each layer. Cover with foil and cook in medium oven for 15 mins then 10 mins with foil off.

It is amazing!

Hawkmoth Wed 07-Oct-20 18:08:16

This is favourite here, especially if you make your own roti.

capercaillie Wed 07-Oct-20 18:11:35

Also have fridge full of Riverford cabbages!! Made a nice coleslaw with one of the savoy ones. Planning on kimchi for another one!

Riapia Wed 07-Oct-20 18:25:03

the before times
I love that description OP.
Hope you won’t mind if I use it at every opportunity to refer to better days.

recreationalcalpol Wed 07-Oct-20 21:43:07

I don’t mind at all riapia

Thanks all for the suggestions

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ODFOx Thu 08-Oct-20 23:57:01

Thanks night we ate a cabbage and I thought if you op:
2 small chopped onions, 250g minced beef blitzed until smooth, mixed in a pouch of cooked quinoa, salt and pepper, lots of cumin and garlic and a pinch of chilli.
Meanwhile carefully separate the cabbage leaves and boil or steam until the main vein is soft enough to roll.
Take spoonfuls of mixture and squeeze into a short sausage shape. Wrap each one in a cabbage leaf , tucking in the ends like a pancake roll. Thee we'd leaves get smaller obviously but the biggest rolls were 3" lng and 1.5"Diana. Lay them all in a shallow dish. Fill it if you can. Half full with stock or gravy and cover with foil then bake for as long as it takes for the little meaty packets to cook through. Normally I'd do mash but as we had a whole cabbage worth and they had quinoa in we just had a plateful each 😀. Teen favourite; can use fork or fingers!

battybobo1 Tue 13-Oct-20 18:27:11

We make a Jamie Oliver pasta recipe with Savoy cabbage. It's from one of his old books. Hope this link works.

MenaiMna Sat 14-Nov-20 11:09:07 why can't I get links to work?

You might need to type this in but here is a blog that does what I remember from last time I made it.

Website is spend with pennies dot com
Recipe is easy cabbage rolls

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