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Soup maker

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ranoutofquinoaandprosecco Mon 05-Oct-20 21:36:15

Just that really, can anyone recommend a good one? Now we're wfh for the foreseeable I think me and DH would use this a lot in the week.

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Georgyporky Tue 06-Oct-20 17:29:43

I've had 2 - I don't recommend either.
The Morphy Richards one with a sear function stopped working after less than a month.
The super-duper Lakeland one lasted a bit longer, but the plastic housing the glass container split after less than a year.

Both were refunded by Amazon without any difficulty.

I've gone back to using a saucepan, + blender if I want smooth soup.

vodkaredbullgirl Tue 06-Oct-20 17:32:46

Do you have a slow cooker, if you dont have time?

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