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What can I do with scampi?

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orangenasturtium Wed 23-Sep-20 18:05:24

Unable to resist a bargain, I bought several bags of frozen breaded scampi in a half price flash sale grin

I've used some of them for fritto misto with salads in the summer. I tried the suggested recipe on the packet of scampi Caesar salad. I shall not be trying it again... Scampi and chips is the obvious go to but it's a bit beige, even with homemade mushy peas.

What can I do with the rest of them? I have a feeling something with sweet chilli sauce would work but what? I suppose I could use them up for tapas style suppers...

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karmakameleon Wed 23-Sep-20 18:42:11

Fish tacos?

NancyBotwinBloom Wed 23-Sep-20 20:16:39

Wraps with sweet chilli sauce?

FrenchBoule Thu 24-Sep-20 14:18:58

Eat them! On the other note- where did you get them? I’ve never seen such flash sale,would love to stock up

orangenasturtium Thu 24-Sep-20 14:20:05

Ocado @FrenchBoule

Thanks, everyone!

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Goingtogetflamed Thu 24-Sep-20 14:20:42

That’s what you do with scampi.
They’re a breaded frozen food and therefore supposed to be beige. Don’t try to posh them up.

FrenchBoule Fri 25-Sep-20 07:41:29

Thanks @orangenasturtium (lovely nn).

Khajit Fri 25-Sep-20 07:43:47

Have them with tartare sauce

twilightcafe Fri 25-Sep-20 07:45:25

Peas and chips!

OhTheRoses Fri 25-Sep-20 07:45:52

Much nicer with chips and peas than a bit of breaded haddock from a box.

AlwaysLatte Fri 25-Sep-20 07:46:51

I like them with shredded baby gem lettuce, tartare sauce and lemon juice all over.

TheLovleyChebbyMcGee Fri 25-Sep-20 11:25:23

Warm soft flour tortilla, lettuce, mayo and sweet chilli sauce, it's a lovley alternative to chips!

orangenasturtium Fri 25-Sep-20 15:00:53

Thanks, everyone! It looks like the consensus is there isn't anything very exciting to do with scampi other than a wrap, and chips, chips and more chips are the best option grin

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HardJustGotHarder Fri 25-Sep-20 15:02:23

As a starter with a chilli dip ?

rslsys Fri 25-Sep-20 15:13:49

Cook them & the chips, put them in a basket with a wedge of lemon and a sachet of Tartare Sauce and rock the 70's vibe!
Snowball or a Babycham to wash it down . . .

Oldbagface Fri 25-Sep-20 20:55:54

A plate of bits. Scampi, garlic bread, some cheese, tomatoes, bit of ham, some mayonnaise and anything else you fancy.

A nice weekend treat while relaxing in the evening.

ZarasHouse Fri 25-Sep-20 21:01:33

I just eat them dipped in tartare sauce or mayo (I usually add something to make my mayo a bit more like tartare sauce)

delilahbucket Fri 25-Sep-20 21:07:44

Serve in hotdog buns with lettuce, tomato, pickles and seafood sauce.

midnightstar66 Fri 25-Sep-20 21:18:58

Dc like 'fishy tea' night. Basically a fish platter with scampi, calamari, spicy king prawns, some cod or haddock, muscles with some savoury veg rice

CatBatCat Fri 25-Sep-20 22:44:41

Surf and turf. Scampi and steak with some fancy wedges.

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