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Best roasting tray

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SM33 Sat 19-Sep-20 20:01:29

We have had numerous roasting trays but they never seem to last long. Can anyone recommend a roasting tray that can be used both on the hob and in the oven?

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newtb Sat 19-Sep-20 20:33:06

Mermaid ones are pretty heavy duty, or you could go mad and buy an Aga one, they're really solid.

GiantKitten Sat 19-Sep-20 20:36:11

Mine are all stainless steel. They don’t look pretty but there are lots of sizes, they do the job well, nest in the cupboard, & clean up brilliantly.

GiantKitten Sat 19-Sep-20 20:43:57

Ikea Koncis come in 3 sizes, cheap but good quality

We’ve got the 2 smaller ones & I do recommend!

(also 2 bigger ones from Aldi but of course they’re only in stock occasionally)

GiantKitten Sat 19-Sep-20 20:53:28

John Lewis do a very similar set

John Lewis set £87
Ikea set £20

Honestly, get the Ikea ones grin

karmakameleon Sat 19-Sep-20 21:57:50

I have that John Lewis set and they’ve been going for about ten years and still good as new.

dodgymacbook Sat 19-Sep-20 22:52:10

Basically, a stainless steel one.

SM33 Sun 20-Sep-20 09:28:07

Thanks all

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Georgyporky Sun 20-Sep-20 17:51:29

Mermaid are great - unless you've got a stupid DH who ignores your instruction to handwash - they warp in the DW.

4merlyknownasSHD Thu 24-Sep-20 15:14:55

Don't go for a non-stick coated one as (a) they will get less non-stick with age and (b) you will probably damage the non-stick coating if you put it on the hob for making gravy in as you will melt the (plastic-based) non-stick coating and the steel underneath will rust. Go for a Stainless Steel one or an aluminium one. The PP Georgyporky said that the Mermaid one warped in the dishwasher. An aluminium one (which Mermaid is, or Silverwood) will be possible to bend back if it warps, whereas a Steel or Stainless Steel one won't, unless you are the Incredible Hulk. The reason for not putting anodised aluminium Bakeware in the oven is that many dishwasher detergents will damage the anodised surface, although not permanently.

orangenasturtium Fri 25-Sep-20 15:17:49

I prefer enamel roasting trays as they are indestructible.

I have had stainless steel trays but I find they do warp. DS has the Ikea ones for university. They are great value and look lovely but they don't stack if you have more than one of the same size, which is incredibly annoying.

CottonSock Fri 25-Sep-20 15:18:47


VampireBill Fri 25-Sep-20 15:25:52

Spend a reasonable amount in a catering shop. My main roaster is about 25 years old, stainless steel, heavy, and will probably out live me.

Fluffycloudland77 Sun 27-Sep-20 11:01:12

TK Maxx do some really heavy ones, I think you’d break your foot if you dropped it.

Fluffycloudland77 Sun 27-Sep-20 11:43:43

Le creuset have a sale/outlet section on their website too.

Nospringchickendipper Mon 28-Sep-20 17:36:51

I bought some heavy duty ones from Sainsbury and I would recommend them. They often have them on special offer and I’ve got several sizes.I just give them a wipe over after as nothing seems to stick to them.

ILoveFlumps Mon 28-Sep-20 17:47:11

Also recommend the IKEA ones. Large ones come with a removable rack. Still look brand new several years later.

nancy75 Mon 28-Sep-20 17:49:51

The old fashioned white ones with the blue round the edge, I’ve got some I ‘borrowed’ from my mum & they’ve been going for years

AriettyHomily Mon 28-Sep-20 17:54:34

I wouldn't use my roasting trays on the hob. That just buggers them. What are you trying to make that needs both?

I have one massive pan that I think may have been Jamie Oliver (not bought for that reason!) that I will roast a joint in and then make gravy on the hob in the same pan.

melmos Thu 08-Oct-20 13:51:53

M&S cast aluminium. Goes in the dishwasher comes out clean and it's not heavy. Not cheap but worth it

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