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Left over egg yolks

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TheLovleyChebbyMcGee Sun 13-Sep-20 08:06:53

I've got 8 egg yolks left over from making Swiss meringue buttercream, any different suggestions other than just egg custard?


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MarinaMarinara Sun 13-Sep-20 08:10:23

Homemade mayonnaise. Or crime brûlée.

LongPauseNoReply Sun 13-Sep-20 08:12:30

This will sound weird but trust me.

Get a bowl and fill it with salt. Place the egg yolks into the salt and cover them. Cover the bowl with cling film and leave it in the fridge for a week. The egg yolks will cure and you can eat them like jellies or grated over food. They’re delicious!!

RedCatBlueCat Sun 13-Sep-20 08:29:13

We could easily get through a double batch of Viennese fingers. Are the yolks all in one bowl, or split up?

movingonup20 Sun 13-Sep-20 08:30:59


TroysMammy Sun 13-Sep-20 08:33:53

I've never had 8 but I freeze them to use for brushing over pastry before cooking.

balzamico Sun 13-Sep-20 08:43:15

Lemon curd

LaLaLandIsNoFun Sun 13-Sep-20 08:45:51


TheTurn0fTheScrew Sun 13-Sep-20 08:47:04


pollysproggle Sun 13-Sep-20 08:49:47

Hollandaise sauce or freeze and mix them in to your pasta bake before it goes in the oven. Not all 8 of course..

StrawberryPi Sun 13-Sep-20 09:00:35

Seconding spaghetti carbonara! I can never bring myself to do it with just yolks and use whole eggs because it seems too wasteful, but on the odd occasion I have them left over it is so delicious! Just fry over some bacon, cook some pasta and grate some cheese, stir it all together with the yolks in the hot pan with plenty of seasoning and you are good to go!

karmakameleon Sun 13-Sep-20 09:05:27

Ice cream

imnotimportant Sun 13-Sep-20 09:07:54

Ice cream

TheLovleyChebbyMcGee Tue 15-Sep-20 09:33:07

Oooh thanks for all the suggestions, DH went with custard in the end, but those biscuits sound amazing, next time I have the egg yolks I'll definitely be claiming the egg yolks to use for those!!

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Rainallnight Tue 15-Sep-20 22:25:04

I know I’ve missed it this time but please do yourself a massive favour and make this next time

TheLovleyChebbyMcGee Wed 16-Sep-20 21:33:27

That sounds lush, thanks!

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