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Changing baking tin size

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SweetPeaPods Tue 08-Sep-20 10:03:36

I've got a glut of marrows and found a recipe on bbc good food for a marrow, pecan and maple cake.
I was thinking of adding raisins instead of pecans as I would do a carrot cake (then the kids will eat it!).
However I normally bake my carrot cake in a loaf tin and I don't have a deep round baking tin. The recipe suggests a 22cm round tin and cook for 1hr 20. Will it be a disaster if I use a 2lb loaf tin instead. Guessing it might need longer cooking time as deeper?

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AriettyHomily Tue 08-Sep-20 11:06:37

It'll be fine you are still cooking the same amount of food.

However, ditch the marrow and it'll be a lot nicer 😂😂

SweetPeaPods Tue 08-Sep-20 11:07:27

Ha yes! Bloody FiL keeps handing them in and I thought a cake might make them edible!

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StrawberryPi Tue 08-Sep-20 22:57:40

What are the measurements of your loaf tin? You need those to see how the change in tin will affect the depth of the cake.

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