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Meatballs - PORK or BEEF?

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ScaryMonsterStories Sat 06-Oct-07 10:21:58

what do you do?

Thinking of trying pork for a change if I can get minced pork at butchers. Will they bind as well though? I see lots of recipes but I wonder wether pork will be too 'dry'?

DaisyWhoooo Sat 06-Oct-07 10:23:50

I generally do either just beef or a mixture of pork and beef (50/50) which works really well.

tigerschick Sat 06-Oct-07 10:24:20

I found a recipe for pork and apple balls in Annabel Carmell. Dd loves them - as do the rest of us! But they are not the sort of thing that I would put in a tomato based sauce and serve with spaghetti as I would with beef meat balls.
I guess it depends on what you are looking for in terms of a meal. But I don't see why pork wouldn't work just as well as beef. smile

ScaryMonsterStories Sat 06-Oct-07 10:24:47

OK, maybe I will try that...I have seen some half n half recipes.

Delias is all pork though which I was going to try

curlywurlycremeegg Sat 06-Oct-07 10:26:23

I usually use pork and add sage or thyme or spicy with chilli and cummin seeds, lamb ones with feta and mint are lovely also

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