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rice cooker or worth getting a multicooker

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bruffin Mon 31-Aug-20 17:51:31

DD is a student and has asked for a rice cooker, . Is it worth spending extra and getting a multicooker, budget probably up to £60.

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violetbunny Tue 01-Sep-20 06:41:47

I have a Russell Hobbs multicooker, it gets loads of use. The rice cooker function works although it doesn't get the rice as fluffy as a rice cooker does. However it's so useful in other ways. I really like that I can just leave it to do its thing while I am at home, e.g. cooking a risotto takes about 20 mins plus 10 mins to release the pressure, but I don't need to stir it or keep an eye on it. Also love it for soups, curries, bolognese and other slow-cook type recipes, it cooks them faster than a slow cooker.

homemadecommunistrussia Tue 01-Sep-20 06:51:52

Kitchen gadgets don't always come back from university, or even last a year, so I wouldn't send them with anything too expensive.
Rice cookers are great, lakeland do a fantastic small one for about £30, perfect for one hungry person.

Bellesavage Tue 01-Sep-20 10:27:42

Instant pot is great, slow cooker, pressure cooker. She'll need it pat tested though and they may not allow it in halls.

homemadecommunistrussia Tue 01-Sep-20 12:18:25

Not sure that's always the case 're pat testing.
It might be worth posting in higher education too.

bruffin Tue 01-Sep-20 13:08:08

Thank you. She isnt in halls now. She is 3rd year house share but planning to stay and work in that city if she can,
I am looking at the King Pro multicooker in currys which is about £45 which seems more versatile than a rice cooker

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