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Is it OK to reheat homemade chicken stock?

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taffy101 Fri 05-Oct-07 21:20:53

I have made some chicken stock ala annabelle Karmel for the first time (quite proud of myself) so that i have salt free stock for baby food. I used some of it straight away and froze the rest.
So, the stock is already made out of reheated meat, then it's frozen and I intend to defrost it and use in more baby recipes, Then, i usually make a big pot of the stuff and freeze it, hence it would get defrosted AGAIN and reheated AGAIN! Is this legal? Would I poison the family?

shrooms Fri 05-Oct-07 21:24:53


taffy101 Fri 05-Oct-07 21:27:43

yes its ok or yes i will poison everyone?

shrooms Fri 05-Oct-07 21:37:46

Yes it will make you sick probably. Don't do it. Sorry!

taffy101 Fri 05-Oct-07 21:42:14

ooer! ok! blardy annabelle, does she boil a chicken for every single baby meal?

fishie Fri 05-Oct-07 21:46:26

no i don't think you can cook and freeze twice. cooking once after the initial freeze of the stock is fine of course.

why not use the stock when it is fresh? you can leave it in fridge for a day or so so long as you reheat properly when making the food. then freeze results and you are fine.

nb putting carrots in makes fresh stock go off more quickly.

taffy101 Fri 05-Oct-07 21:47:25

Good idea - didn't know that about the carrots either - thanks

shrooms Fri 05-Oct-07 21:48:32

Just make veg stock. No risks there. grin

taffy101 Fri 05-Oct-07 21:51:31

shrooms, that's what i've done in the past but i was feeling adventurous and thought the food would be tastier but its too complicated really. Might bother to do it now and again. Thanks for the advice

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