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Abel & Cole VS Riverford - what are the main differences? Do Riverford take note of likes and dislikes for example?

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franch Fri 05-Oct-07 19:12:41

Used to use A&C - want to restart but considering Riverford - can't get the latter's website to work at the moment so if anyone can compare it'd be useful

franch Fri 05-Oct-07 20:03:44

Anyone? I'm going to try and sort an account out this evening

NAB3 Fri 05-Oct-07 20:08:17

BTW Tesco has a huge organic box reduced from £10 to £8 at the moment.

lulu25 Fri 05-Oct-07 20:09:13

riverford don't do likes and dislikes

i switched back to A&C because i kept throwing stuff away - riverford were seriously taking the piss with the amount of carrots they were sending us

however riverford are, i think, local franchises, so my experience might not be representative. you could always give them a trial and see how it works out (they are cheaper than A&C and a bit less corporate)

TooTicky Fri 05-Oct-07 20:11:26

I love Riverford. Because they have a variety of boxes, you can generally avoid something you really don't like. Plus, they have extras you can add to basic boxes. And their ethics are excellent.

DoctorFrankenSquonk Fri 05-Oct-07 20:13:06

<<<wonders if, after admitting to not knowing what Ocada is, she should ask wtf are you all talking about>>>

<<<decides probably not and goes to find a nice, quiet "I'm not being funny or anything" thread to read>>>

TooTicky Fri 05-Oct-07 20:15:27

organic veg box companies smile

DoctorFrankenSquonk Fri 05-Oct-07 20:17:03

aaah ha!

And do they just give you a box full of "stuff" ie: you don't order what you want? cool!

DoctorFrankenSquonk Fri 05-Oct-07 20:17:26

obviously not give give

lulu25 Fri 05-Oct-07 20:18:33

well that depends whether you go to riverford or A&C wink

TooTicky Fri 05-Oct-07 20:19:55

example (scroll down)

DoctorFrankenSquonk Fri 05-Oct-07 20:20:00

oh yeah blush should have read thread

<<<goes back to "god your arse is big" thread>>>

DoctorFrankenSquonk Fri 05-Oct-07 20:23:09

I am going to order from them.

Glad I got curious and clicked on this thread now.

DoctorFrankenSquonk Fri 05-Oct-07 20:24:01

Buggritt. No I'm not, they don't deliver to me.

Pickie Fri 05-Oct-07 20:26:12

riverford do like and dislikes. we dont get aubergines,brussels sprouts and courgettes. They refund the difference.

We used A&C but Riverford is much much better value for money plus produce much fresher

TooTicky Fri 05-Oct-07 20:34:07

Riverford have a sister company - Nene something? - in the north somewhere, if that's any good to you.
There are lots of organic box companies now though - must be some near you.

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