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Does anyone have the ham in coke recipe please?

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pyjamagirlgotbitbyvampires Fri 05-Oct-07 18:47:12

and is it any good ?

TWIGgerhappy Fri 05-Oct-07 18:47:54

on nigella's site

remember to blanch the gammon first because when I tried it I didn't and it was saltily disgusting

but I believe it is good

McDreamy Fri 05-Oct-07 18:48:48

it's very good here you go Enjoy!

BecauseImWereWolfit Fri 05-Oct-07 18:50:18

I did it once and the smell was absolutely vile. She says to keep the cooking liquor to make soup from - couldn't wait to throw it down the sink! Honestly, it smelled like petrol.

Ham was OK, but dh really didn't like it.

I was so disappointed!

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