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CAKES - Everyone on today, do you know what I'm on about? Please help!

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LadySnotAlot Fri 05-Oct-07 14:07:49

There is a company out there somewhere who make themed chocolate cakes. Apparently they are pretty well known and to die for and I want to get one for my husbands birthday but I can't remember the exact name of the company and google isn't playing nicely today.

Now the company has a really ga-ga name. Something like chockywocky or summat like that.

Does anyone have a clue what I'm talking about? Someone told me about this company a few weeks back but I can't remember who it was or what the co name is to ask again!

ChippyMinton Fri 05-Oct-07 14:08:32

chocywockydooda (sp?)

flowerybeanbag Fri 05-Oct-07 14:08:37


margoandjerry Fri 05-Oct-07 14:08:44


Hate typing the name even!

ChippyMinton Fri 05-Oct-07 14:09:07


flowerybeanbag Fri 05-Oct-07 14:09:35


flowerybeanbag Fri 05-Oct-07 14:09:53

rofl chippy grin

LadySnotAlot Fri 05-Oct-07 14:10:15

You're all amazing!! Thanks. I knew MN would come up trumps!

Wisteria Fri 05-Oct-07 14:12:01


Have you seen the competition?? Sounds like it might be worth entering.. there are some very literate people on here!

littlelapintofbloodmwahaha Fri 05-Oct-07 14:17:15

We looked at them for our wedding but the delivery costs to Devon would have been huuuuge. They look scrummy though.

LadySnotAlot Fri 05-Oct-07 14:31:54

Wisteria, the skull is actually just a pure piece of chocolate. Doesn't it look good? Right, thinking caps on gals...

Eye of bat,Wing of Gull,
Bring me forth my chocolate skull.
For he is mine to covet and consume
Whilst All Hallows Eve fills the air with doom.

LadySnotAlot Fri 05-Oct-07 14:32:27

Sorry, I know that coz I just rang them! they said it's £75 quid to buy!

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