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Just fed my baby "old" milk - please help!

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TheApprentice Fri 05-Oct-07 08:38:20

I have just done something really stupid. In the mornings I give ds, aged 9 months, weetabix and pour what is left from his bottle of formula on it - thats fine as its usually just half an hour old.

But I've just realised to my horror that I have inadvertently poured last nights bottle on to the weetabix which he has now eated. its been sitting by the sink all night. Am really worried now that I have given him food poisoning, how could I be so stupid?

What do you think, and what should I do?

(He's fine at the moment, by the way)

moondog Fri 05-Oct-07 08:39:27

He'll be fine. grin
(I daren't tell you some of the things my baby ate.)

goingfor3 Fri 05-Oct-07 08:40:41

My daughter ate a three week out of date yoghurt yesterday and is absolutley fine!

TheApprentice Fri 05-Oct-07 08:43:24

Thats reassuring, thanks!

Just can't believe the stupid things I do sometimes...

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