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Lemon Drizzle questions - urgent because of small boy keen to help!

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hunkermunker Thu 04-Oct-07 15:35:25

So, I have the recipe, from another thread. I have an eager toddler. I have a sleeping baby. However, I have no icing sugar. Can I use caster/granulated? And what temperature do I bake it on?

Please? Thank you!

Lemon Drizzle Cake

9oz sugar
9oz butter
12oz s/r flour
4 eggs
3 level tsp baking powder
6 tblsp milk
grated rind 2 lemons

Mix all together. Put in lined tray. Bake about 30-40 mins (until knife comes out clean). Prick cake with fork and pour over some warm lemon juice (see below).

Squeeze the juice from the lemons and heat (20 secs in microwave). Add icing sugar to consistency you like. Spread over cake.

hunkermunker Thu 04-Oct-07 15:36:16

And do I really urgently need the milk too?

Oh, fuck I'm crap at baking blush

<muses> Could always use bmilk, I guess... DH wouldn't eat it then either! More for me grin

MamaG Thu 04-Oct-07 15:37:13

don't tell DH its bmilk.

Temp - Gas 4 I think

MamaG Thu 04-Oct-07 15:38:29

YEs - its gas 4 I just checked

Never made it without milk, but it IS a v small you have cream? Maybe half cream/half water or something?

hunkermunker Thu 04-Oct-07 15:40:23

I thought Gas mark 4 too. That' 180?

Thank you!

hunkermunker Thu 04-Oct-07 15:41:40

No, nothing like that. Hmm, might make another thing with DS1 then and get some milk for the LDC later.

oatcake Thu 04-Oct-07 15:55:30

I think I usually use castor for it rather than icing... It always disolves nicely.

I don't just prick the cake, I skewer it down to the bottom. It makes a lovely gooey cake!

hunkermunker Thu 04-Oct-07 19:01:47

It looks and smells gorgeous! grin

nappyaddict Fri 05-Oct-07 12:28:54

hmmmm i don't suppose i could use jif instead of lemon rind?

MarsLady Fri 05-Oct-07 12:29:42

Yes you can use granulated. Mix it in cold though and pour over top for crunchy topping!

nappyaddict Fri 05-Oct-07 12:49:12

oh you're around. i just emailed you!

nappyaddict Fri 05-Oct-07 13:27:01

bump bump bump

nappyaddict Fri 05-Oct-07 13:28:47

ah you've emailed back thanks!!

MarsLady Fri 05-Oct-07 14:55:10

Ah it was you!!!!!!!!!!! grin

nappyaddict Fri 05-Oct-07 17:06:07

oh sorry did i forget to put who it was. ooooooooops!!

ok so i've made the mixture. i stole a bit but it doesn't taste very lemonny? does the lemon-ness come after its cooked and you poor the juice over?

MarsLady Fri 05-Oct-07 17:07:49

Yes the lemony-ness come later grin

nappyaddict Fri 05-Oct-07 17:18:07

and you know you said to do 6,6,6 and 3. what about the amounts for the lemons, baking powder and milk. do they stay the same?

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