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Covent Garden mushroom soup two day past use by date. Would you risk it?

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MrsSeanSlater Wed 03-Oct-07 11:02:39

If I really heated it thoroughly do you reckon it would be ok? Seems a shame to bin it but I don't want to poison myself and DS2.

Piffle Wed 03-Oct-07 11:03:58

yep I'd eat it

BroccoliSpears Wed 03-Oct-07 11:05:04


SeveredHeadSmartArse Wed 03-Oct-07 11:06:08


DH had some cake-thingy last night on which the sell-by date was 17th August. He was still breathing this morning.

MyTwopenceworth Wed 03-Oct-07 11:09:16

Yes. I don't think those use by dates are that accurate. More of a 'heads-up'...if it's close to or past its use by date, give it a good look over and a sniff. Mostly you can just tell when you should bin something.

alarkaspree Wed 03-Oct-07 11:09:40

Does it have cream in? If so then I probably wouldn't, sorry. Well might eat it myself, but wouldn't give to children. If just vegetable ingredients then I would think it would be fine.

SeveredHeadSmartArse Wed 03-Oct-07 11:10:40

If the cream had gone off, wouldn't it just taste vile, though? (rather than actually kill you, I mean!)

MrsSeanSlater Wed 03-Oct-07 11:14:24

It does have cream in it but looking at the ingredients it seems to be mostly water and onion. Only 9% mushroom and then cream in the next ingredient.
I think I'll really heat it thoroughly and risk it. Thanks all.

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