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Anyone remember how to make corn beef hash ?

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RudyVonLasagne Wed 03-Oct-07 08:27:42

would appreciate the 'recipe'

Screaminglips Wed 03-Oct-07 08:29:19

isnt it Corn beef and mashed potatoes mashed together!!

TrinityRhino Wed 03-Oct-07 08:30:59

NOOOOO don't mash them together
boil pots then fry onion in a large frying pan type thing, add potatoes and fry till coloured then add corned beef, salt and pepper fry a little more then ENJOY

cedar12 Wed 03-Oct-07 08:33:35

I made it last night not sure if this is the traditional way but its lovely. Chop up some potatos into small cubes boil them. then chop up the corned beef in to cubes as well then mix with the drained potatos and a tin of baked beans. Mix it all up then grate some cheese on the top and chuck it in the oven for a while until all the cheese is all bubbly. I hope you like it.

NorksDrift Wed 03-Oct-07 08:35:18

Here is St Delia's version

SuperMonkey Wed 03-Oct-07 08:37:51

I do the same as TrinityRhino but I put a fair amount of Worcestershire sauce in too at the end.

RudyVonLasagne Wed 03-Oct-07 09:54:02

see I knew everyone would have different ways of making it. They all sound nice tbh - though I like the sound of Trinity Rhino's - will try...

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